John Kasich to Torpedo Pro-Life Heartbeat and Stand Your Ground Legislation

Perennial mainstream media darling and establishment dreamboat Governor John Kasich revealed his latest betrayals to Ohio conservatives on Monday- and they’re both whoppers of the highest order.

Speaking to reporters at the Ohio Statehouse, Kasich confirmed that he would use his veto powers to override not one, but two major conservative policy victories, both of which are set to be passed by both chambers of the Ohio Legislature.

The first piece of legislation Kasich is poised to stop is a pro-life ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ that would prohibit abortions performed on babies with a medically discernible heartbeat in the state of Ohio. Although Kasich has (apparently falsely) billed himself as ‘pro-life,’ this would be the second time that’s he’s nuked legislation that could save “upwards of 10,000 lives a year,” according to Ohio Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer. Kasich earlier vetoed Heartbeat Legislation in 2016, explaining that he was simply unwilling to fight a battle on behalf of the pro-life cause against a corrupt judiciary.

Unfortunately, pro-lifers don’t seem to be the only conservatives Kasich is content to take for a ride as he pivots from his final months as Ohio governor to a potential 2020 Republican Presidential campaign challenging President Donald Trump.

Kasich also plans to veto a self-defense ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill, that would give Ohio residents to right to defend themselves appropriately if confronted with a realistic and serious threat to themselves. The legislation would remove language from Ohio’s laws mandating a “duty to retreat” in life-threatening situations.

However, Kasich’s obstruction may not be enough to permanently block these two bills from becoming law. Both passed the Ohio House of Representatives with veto-proof support, and Ohio Republicans have a 24-9 majority in the State Senate. Incoming Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also has signaled support for both policies, making Kasich’s vetoes seem like little more than a temporary irrelevance.

Perhaps Kasich’s focus has never been on permanently stopping conservative policy victories from being enshrined. The Ohio moderate could be looking beyond the end of his gubernatorial tenure, hoping to receive thirty pieces of silver from New Hampshire primary voters.


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