John Kerry Goes Soft On Human Rights When It Makes Him Money

John Kerry, America’s very own climate Tsar.

John Kerry has been a politician that is very committed to staying as close to the public trough as possible, so much so that the Biden regime created an entirely new position just for him. Indeed, he was present at the most recent display of climate hypocrisy, the Cop26 in Glasgow where envoys made use of over four hundred private jets to lecture humanity on the need to reduce our resource footprints. While there, he displayed very succinctly how his zeal to champion all the issues the globalists tell him to champion stop right at the entrance of his pocketbook.

According to Breitbart News, Kerry was approached by a reporter who proceeded to press him on the issue of minority slave labor in Xinjiang being used to manufacture solar panels, devices that climate activists champion as part of a tool mix to combat supposed man-made climate change, which used to be called global warming. In response to this, Kerry responded in a typical politician fashion by saying that “That’s not my lane here. … My job is to be the climate guy, and stay focused on trying to move the climate agenda forward” even though China produces nearly double the CO2 per unit of GDP than America and nearly quadruple that of most Western European countries.

Indeed, both the issue of reducing mankind’s resource footprint and combating human exploitation appears to be thwarted by globalization, which has outsourced production from resource-efficient countries in the North Atlantic to far less efficient countries such as China who so happen to also have terrible human rights track records.

Unsurprisingly, this indifference was negatively received back home, especially in light of Kerry’s efforts to promote human rights during his last stint in power under Obama as well as the official stance of the Biden regime.

Amanda Rothschild, an official under the Trump administration, said that “He keeps saying basically, ‘I’m the climate guy, don’t look at me,’ which is just so embarrassing and shameful on this issue” given the increasingly irrefutable evidence of what is going on in China’s northwest region.

“He keeps comparing himself to President Reagan negotiating on intermediate-range missiles with the Soviet Union … but the historical analogy just doesn’t make any sense,” Rothschild added. “If anyone, I think of Ambassador Joseph Kennedy in the United Kingdom thinking we could negotiate with the Germans, which was a major diplomatic embarrassment for the United States, just like this is”

As it turns out, Kerry’s track record of indifference and even active obstruction to the process of delivering justice to the Uyghurs appears to be motivated by personal financial interests.

According to Kerry’s very own financial disclosure paperwork filed in February, he and his wife jointly have about a million dollars invested in the Hillhouse China Value Fund L.P., which in turn is part of the Hillhouse investment group. Interestingly, Hillhouse investment group has been known to be a top shareholder of a Chinese solar panel company with ties to forced labor. While the association appears to be somewhat long-winded, it also appears to be enough to prompt action from politically powerful investors in order to protect the status quo.

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