John Oliver: It is ‘Completely Insane’ to Use Vulnerable Computer Systems to Count Votes; Trump is ‘All the Way Completely Right’

Before this year’s presidential election, liberal politicians and commentators used to admit how the voting process was incredibly rife for fraud – particularly pertaining to electronic voting machines.

HBO host John Oliver tore into paperless direct-record electronic (DRE) voting machines during a segment on his show. He spoke specifically about the problems that the devices would cause during the 2020 election.

“Unless you happen to personally know everyone who votes for you on a paperless DRE machine, there is no way to verify the results. It’s a pretty good case against them, which makes it frankly completely insane that New Jersey not only still uses them but plans to keep using them for the 2020 election,” Oliver said on the segment before he sold his soul.

“And it’s not just New Jersey. In 2016, 20 percent of voters voted on paperless DREs, and an estimated 12 percent will use them in 2020. Meaning, 16 million Americans spread out across all these states are set to be voting on machines that pretty much everyone agrees are deeply, deeply flawed and if they malfunction, there could be no way of knowing, which is absolutely terrifying,” he added.

Oliver even played a clip of President Donald Trump criticizing the digital vote-counting machines and agreed with his statement.

“It’s always good, it’s old fashioned, but it’s always good to have a paper backup system of voting. It’s called paper, not highly complex computers, paper, and a lot of states are doing that,” Trump said.

“Yeah! He’s right. That’s it. He’s just all the way completely right,” Oliver said incredulously to end the clip.

The video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the plethora of problems with electronic voting systems that have emerged in the aftermath of a disputed election:

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that more than one whistleblower has come forward to talk about the controversial Dominion software that was used primarily in battleground states during the election.

“Coleman has the community people and he’s got the Dominion people. And they were the ones who were the actual, not poll watchers, the actual observers who were excluded, who were lied to, two of whom stayed behind after all the Republicans had left out and they’re the ones who got the evidence of the 100,000 votes coming in. And they have some photographs also,” Giuliani told Steve Bannon on an episode of his War Room podcast on Wednesday…

Pro-Trump commentators are already speculating on what the revelations from these whistleblowers could turn up…

The coup against President Trump may be starting to unravel as whistleblowers come forward to expose the operations that took place behind the scenes to influence the vote. The deep state has to be nervous about these encouraging developments.

Liberals are now denying that anything could be improper about the vote because they hope to get away with their color revolution coup against the U.S. Constitution.

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