John Rich Thanks FBI For Mar-A-Lago Trump Raid: You Just Poured ‘Premium Patriot Octane’ On ‘Blazing Freedom Fire!’

Republicans and Democrats are both claiming that the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home on Monday will be good for their party in the upcoming midterm elections.

While the left is arguing that this case will bring forth some damning evidence against the former President, those on the right believe it will ultimately highlight the biases our institutions currently possess against conservatives. Especially Trump.

Country star and philanthropist John Rich, for example, voiced his harsh criticism over the charade. Thanking the FBI for igniting the Trump base.

“A BIG thank you to Joe’s FBI for raiding Trump’s home!” Rich tweeted. “You guys just poured 81 million gallons of premium Patriot octane on an already blazing Freedom fire! See, you are good for something after all:) Much appreciated! See you in November!”

One of the biggest consensuses is that the FBI better have a strong, air-tight reason for this unprecedented raid because if not, it could all backfire on Democrats just ahead of elections.

Per the Washington Examiner:

Whatever it is, the FBI had better have a really good reason for its raid today on Mar-a-Lago. And I mean a much better reason than anything related to the Jan. 6 committee because nothing that’s happened in those hearings would justify this…

…it had better be something that goes way beyond some trivial charges that he overdid the nasty political rhetoric. You know, theft of taxpayer funds, espionage, murder — that kind of thing.

As more information emerges, it is becoming more clear about how the warrant was authorized and by whom. To make matters more suspicious, the judge responsible was an Obama appointee who defended Jeffery Epstein associates as their lawyer.

Moreover, judge Bruce Reinhart had shared some concerning anti-Trump and “woke” content about white privilege on his Facebook page in the past.

Here are some examples courtesy of Jack Posobiec:

As we learn more information, it’s worth noting that conservatives still do not have the answers they feel are needed to justify this “political persecution” of a former President.

Regardless of party, it’s safe to assume that whichever way this story pans out will have drastic ramifications for the upcoming midterms and ultimately the 2024 Presidential run.

Both parties are highly aware of this severity. All eyes are on Trump.

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