Jonah Goldberg Defends National Review’s ‘Spit On The Cross’ Comparison of Covington Students


National Review Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg defended the outlet’s publication of an article promoting the Covington Catholic leftist hate hoax in an exchange with Big League Politics’ Twitter on Sunday.

Goldberg responded to an inquiry from Big League Politics requesting a statement on NRO’s publication (and subsequent deletion) of an article titled “The Covington Students Might As Well Have Spit on the Cross.” The article, published by National Review deputy managing editor Nicholas Frankovich, treated the now-discredited hate hoax accusations against Covington Catholic High School students as fact even AFTER evidence refuted initial reports.

Once it was unquestionable the students were engaged by Nathan Philips by responding peacefully, opposed to circling the man and chanting abuse at him as initially reported. National Review was forced to delete the article in disgrace. In its content, Frankovich attacked the religious affiliation of the high school boys.

As of Sunday night, neither Frankovich nor National Review has issued a much needed and appropriate apology to the high school kids they shamelessly smeared as the unwitting “conservative” dupes of the progressive left.

Big League Politics asked several National Review writers and personnel for a statement in response to the debacle. Sources within the publication have alleged that a massive internal backlash had developed in response the the publication of Frankovich’s article, which was apparently published without the approval of National Review executive staff.

Goldberg responded with a non-sequitur, defending the controversial article’s publication under the premise of simply being indicative of ideological diversity at NRO.

Goldberg’s claim about a diversity of opinion within the publication has little to nothing to do with a potential apology from Frankovich or NRO. The ‘Spit on the Cross’ article blatantly and shamelessly propagandized a flat-out-lie about Covington Catholic students, on premises now revealed to be false.

These boys are owed an apology, Jonah- crouching behind a fall guy just isn’t going to cut it.

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