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Campaign 2020

Journalist Calls for Out of State Residents from Blue States to Vote in Georgia’s Senate Elections

A Mass Migration of Voters to the Peach State Could Tip the Election in Democrats’ Favor



Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appears to have won against incumbent president Donald Trump, but the political fight is far from over.

Despite all the media hype surrounding a potential blue wave sweeping across Congress and state houses nationwide, Democrats laid an egg. Republicans have picked up House seats, Democrats failed to take the Senate, and many state legislatures have stayed in Republican hands.

That said, there lies an immediate challenge ahead. Georgia Senate seats are going to a January runoff. On one hand, Democrat Raphael Warnock will square off against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. For the other Senate race, Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff will try to unseat incumbent Senator David Perdue. It’s no exaggeration to say that these races will be high stakes. If Democrats come out victorious, they control the Senate by virtue of a 50-50 split along with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker. In the case that they end up failing to flip the seats, any of Biden’s most ambitious policy items will be put on hold for the time being.

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For that reason, Democrats will be pouring millions into these races. Not just that, some journalists such as Matt Yglesias are calling on Democrats to use the mass migration of unemployed individuals living in blue states to enter and register inside of Georgia as a means of tipping Senate elections to the Democrats’ win column. On Twitter, Yglesias urged Democrat donors and organizations to “pay unemployed New Yorkers to move to Atlanta.”

As a result, the fate of the U.S. Senate may likely not be determined by Georgia voters but transplants who have no  real roots in the area. According to Ari Hoffman of the Post Millennial, “It is extremely easy to establish residency and register to vote in Georgia and can be done in a week or two.”

Hoffman added:

All one needs to do is get an address such as a sublet, and then procure a utility bill which is as easy as printing one online or get a driver’s license in Georgia. Someone could work remotely from Athens, Atlanta or Savannah, print an online utility bill and file some paperwork to get their agenda cemented.

Such dynamics are taking place across the nation where the mass movement of people from blue states is beginning to change the politics of red states. In the case of Georgia, this process is being conducted in a top-down manner, where Democratic Party elites and their patrons will try to bring in as many out-of-state residents as possible to tip the election in favor of Democrats. If Democrats are able to recruit large swathes of people outside of Georgia and get them to the polls, the policy implications could be massive.

A 50-50 Senate makeup with the tiebreakers would allow for the Democrats’ federal gun control fantasies to become a reality. What is happening in Georgia now should serve as a wake-up call to other Republican-controlled states  regarding residency requirements for those coming from other states. It would be prudent for state leaders to tighten voting and residency requirements for people coming from states with different values in order to prevent political shifts due to large amounts of people coming and bringing with them the very political habits that made their states of origin inhospitable.

First things first, the GOP must secure victories in Georgia. Then, it must work to tighten its registration procedures for those coming out of state and replicate similar reforms in other states.


Campaign 2020

Trump Campaign Autopsy Shows Decline in Support From White Men, Coronavirus Epidemic Cost President Re-Election

The 2016 coalition didn’t hold this election.



A post-election autopsy reveals that Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election by losing support from White men and Americans who disapproved of his handling and communication regarding the coronavirus epidemic.

Data suggesting as such was obtained by Trump campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio.

“Racially, POTUS suffered his greatest erosion with White voters, particularly White Men in both state groups,” Fabrizio revealed in his findings. Fabrizio referred to swing states that Trump had held from 2016 and those he had lost. The pollster queried voters in ten different states.

Trump also suffered a decline in support from the youngest Americans and those older than 65. There’s strong reason to believe that some assertions within the Republican Party that the coronavirus pandemic was “no biggie” played a crucial in eroding President Trump’s support among seniors, a vital constituency that has traditionally been strongly Republican. Fabrizio’s data indicates that the coronavirus pandemic was by far and away the most important campaign issue in the 2020 election, and that its importance among the electorate played decisively in Joe Biden’s favor.

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President Trump’s support among White Men declined by as much as 12% in swing states that he lost in 2020. Joe Biden also improved his vote share among the demographic, which still voted strongly Republican, although in a diminished fashion.

It’s been said that Joe Biden won the election with a Democratic version of the so-called “Sailer Strategy,” discarding the Obama coalition in favor of making direct appeals to white seniors who traditionally vote Republican.

At the direction of Jared Kushner, the Trump 2020 campaign prioritized minority outreach and the so-called ‘Platinum Plan’ in hopes of expanding the President’s base of support. This appears to have been only partially successful, and may have come at the crucial cost of outreach energy and resources targeting middle-class white voters who won Trump the presidency.

President Trump expanded his support from Hispanic Americans, a vital constituency in states such as Texas, Nevada and Florida. However, the midwestern Rust Belt has smaller Hispanic communities, and Trump ultimately lost Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Hispanic outreach in Arizona, a state Trump lost by 10,000 votes, didn’t prove as successful as it was in other Sun Belt states, especially with the state’s White senior population inching to the left, relative to 2016. Buffed Hispanic support didn’t prove enough to ultimately swing Nevada, although the President secured a comfortably high margin of victory in Florida.

Trump’s buffed appeal with Hispanics wasn’t matched with Black voters, who largely voted in a fashion comparable to the 2016 election.

A future Republican candidate- even Trump himself, should he choose to run- would have to look more closely at the path to victory staked out in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign if they seek a strategy with a proven record of success. It’s entirely plausible to believe that future nationalist, populist and conservative presidential candidates can receive even greater levels of Hispanic support while regaining the white blue-collar populist demographic that swept President Trump into the White House in 2016.

Unfortunately, Fabrizio’s autopsy is likely to be wholly ignored, with a sizable contingent of conservatives blaming Trump’s loss exclusively on a set of election steal theories from “brand” online lifestyle influencers. With a persistent fixation on empty dopamine hits, it may prove that Republicans will never a national election ever again, powerless as the Left and corporations transform the United States into a left-liberal oligarchy.

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