Journalist Exposes Big Tech’s Work to Promote Regime Change in Venezuela

Journalist Caitlin Johnstone took Big Tech apologists to task for their role in rationalizing social media thought policing in her recent post on Medium.

In the same article she uncovers how Big Tech is aiding neocon forces in facilitating regime change in Venezuela.

She highlights how the U.S. government is working to install a puppet regime in Venezuela:

The US government is working to topple the government of Venezuela and replace it with a puppet regime. On the off chance that you were still in denial of this self-evident fact, check out this April 24th fact sheet on the website for the US embassy in Brazil which openly boasts about the way economic and diplomatic pressures are being deliberately placed on the Venezuelan government to install Washington puppet Juan Guaido to the nation’s leadership.

Johnstone also points to Max Blumenthal’s findings on Google, where there’s evidence of the tech company buying into the government’s regime change narrative. The Venezuelan embassy search results point to an ambassador, Carlos Vecchio, who technically has no authority to issue Venezuelan passports.

Google lists Venezuela’s ambassador to the US as Carlos Vecchio, who has no governmental power and no authority to issue Venezuelan passports, because he represents no actual government but rather the puppet government that the US is attempting to install. Google has no reason to refer to this US government propaganda construct as “Ambassador”, but it does so anyway in support of the US government’s aggressive campaign to replace the Venezuelan government staff in the DC embassy with the staff of its imaginary puppet regime.

Johnstone reveals that Google “has been financially intertwined with US intelligence agencies since its very inception when it received research grants from the CIA and NSA for mass surveillance.”

She also notes that Google “pours massive amounts of money into federal lobbying and DC think tanks, has a cozy relationship with the NSA, and has been a military-intelligence contractor from the beginning.”

The journalist also demonstrated how Wikipedia is buying into the American government’s narrative hook, line, and sinker. It lists Juan Guaidó as the acting President of Venezuela.

Johnstone notes that “It’s been that way since January.”

After the failed April 30th uprising, Johnstone revealed how Twitter “suspended numerous Venezuelan government accounts.”

Facebook has taken similar measures as well, which Johnstone also exposes:

With Facebook we’ve seen the pages of Venezuela Analysis and TeleSUR English temporarily suspended, along with the permanent deletion of “inauthentic” Venezuelan, Iranian and Russian accounts in conjunction with Twitter.

Facebook has recently partnered with the Atlantic Council, an organization funded by the American government and several globalist allies, to carry out its censorship campaign.

Indeed, Venezuela is another case of socialist failure.

However, America First proponents like Congressman Matt Gaetz believe the country should decide its own fate and not have America directly involved.

Johnstone’s report just shows how in bed Big Tech is with legacy institutions like the American foreign policy establishment.







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