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Journalist Ford Fischer Gets a Facebook Ban for Posting Raw Anti-Trump Protests From Election Night



Independent reporter Ford Fischer is regularly censored by Big Tech platforms desperate to stop the free flow of information, but Facebook’s censorship against the video journalist has ramped up severely around election time with narrative control more important than ever.

Fischer wrote on Twitter earlier today that Facebook had banned his account for 30 days for posting in an “unusual” manner for documenting anti-Trump protests. He had previously been cited for a “complex entities interaction,” whatever that means:

However, Fischer noted that Facebook reversed their ban after a public outcry, showing how these monolithic social media platforms will backtrack out of cowardice when their villainy is exposed and widespread anger ensues:

Fischer has stood on the front lines to cover many contentious rallies over social media in recent years, most famously the infamous white nationalist rally in Charlottesville back in 2017 that turned deadly. He has done the same with regards to election coverage, capturing footage that the mainstream news would rather ignore or distort.


Big League Politics reported months ago on how Fischer was banned from Facebook temporarily for reporting on armed protests in Louisville, Ky.:

On Saturday, independent journalist Ford Fischer was banned from Facebook after he livestreamed footage of a contentious armed protests on the monolithic social media platform.

Fischer, who regularly publishes raw video from protests through his News2Share outlet on various social media platforms, noted that he was banned after finishing a livestream of a contentious militia rally in Louisville, Ky…

Fischer tried to appeal Facebook’s capricious ban of his verified account, but his efforts were initially to no avail as he was kept off of the platform a full day…

The libertarian reporter noted that he was not at the rally to support extremist political violence, but was there to perform his journalist duty to inform the public about what exactly was taking place at the event…

Fischer noted that he has been attached by other major tech platforms before, but Facebook’s decision to remove him from their platform completely is without precedent…

However, after significant push back from Fischer’s significant Twitter following, Facebook caved and let him back on the platform.

It is worth noting that Fischer mainly provides raw video of political events to the public for free on social media. He does little if any editorializing when producing content. Big Tech’s suppression of Fischer’s independent journalism shows that these monopoly platforms are in fact at war with free speech.


YouTube Censors Videos Posted by Independent Journalist Ford Fischer of Protests Near Biden’s Inauguration

Raw journalism hurts the globalist elite.



Independent journalist Ford Fischer of News2Share is reporting that three of his YouTube videos are being censored.

Fischer announced in a Twitter post that the Google-owned video streaming service has targeted three of his videos that showed interactions between various protesters of different political stripes on Biden’s inauguration day.

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Big League Politics has reported on YouTube’s hostility toward any messages that may cause the masses to doubt the official globalist corporate narrative:

Dr. Scott Atlas, who has emerged as President Donald Trump’s most credible advisor on COVID-19 policy, is being censored by YouTube.

Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, has spoken out consistently against the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19. YouTube recently censored a Hoover video in which he was speaking about the lies peddled by the medical establishment during the pandemic.

“They put in a lockdown… They did not calculate at all the harms of the lockdown, the consequences of the lockdown. They did a stop COVID 19 at all costs. They used hypothetical projection models that were so egregiously wrong, far, far off. Yet they keep citing those models,” Atlas said while appearing on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson. The video is still available on the Hoover Institute website.

“All over the world, Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asian countries, there is a minimal, if any, risk of children transmitting the disease, even to their parents. It’s not just that children are not at risk at all from this disease. They also do not even transmit the disease,” he continued.

“The science is really not science. It’s a fear-based and cherry-picking of certain studies. It’s very poor analysis. As I say many times, a lotta smart people are doing a lotta sloppy thinking,” Atlas added.

In addition to being targeted by Youtube, Fischer has also been targeted by other tech monopolies as well. Facebook has regularly stopped him from hosting his content on their platform for various reasons.

However, Fischer has shown that the tech giants will capitulate after enough public pressure, as he has had videos reinstated on the major platforms after being initially targeted by censorship measures.

By targeting popular journalists with large followings such as Fischer, the Big Tech giants are making themselves increasingly loathed among the masses. The behavior of these tech monopolies is setting the stage for new regulations that will break up their stranglehold or market alternatives rising that will protect freedom of speech.

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