Joy Reid apologizes for gay slurs, taunts aimed at ‘Miss Charlie’ Crist

MSNBC host Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid (Screenshot)

Prominent progressive MSNBC host Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid apologized Sunday for anti-gay remarks directed towards then-Florida Gov. Charles J. Crist Jr. from 2007 to 2009.

“Stop pretending brother, it’s okay that you don’t go for the ladies,” one post from Reid’s blog “The Reid Report” said of Crist, who is not a Democratic congressman representing a Tampa-area district. At the time of Reid’s taunts, Crist identified himself as a Republican.

A Twitter sleuth with the username @Jamie_Maz made the discovery a few days ago and posted screenshots to his personal account.

The Twitter user describes what he calls “a dozen” of anti-gay posts, many referring to Crist as “Miss Charlie.”


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