Judge Allows Virginia Gun Range to Reopen in Defiance of Blackface Northam’s Tyrannical Edict

A Lynchburg, Virginia  judge has issued a temporary injunction declaring that a Lynchburg gun range is not covered by Governor Northam’s order which outlines the kind of businesses that must close during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Due to this injunction, SafeSide Tactical can reopen its gun range.

A lawsuit was originally filed by Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America and SafeSide Tactical, contending that the governor’s Executive Order (EO) to close non-essential businesses, namely indoor gun ranges, is unconstitutional.

According to the suit, EO53 is an usurpation of the governor’s constitutional power and it violates the right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in the state constitution.

“There is no pandemic exception to the fundamental liberties that the Constitution of Virginia Safeguards,” asserted David Browne, the plaintiff’s attorney.

The judge concurred with the argument.

The ruling was issued on April 28 by Judge F. Patrick Yeatts which said, “The Governor, the Department of State Police, and all law enforcement divisions, agencies and officers within the commonwealth, are hereby enjoined and prohibited from enforcing, in any manor, the prohibition on public access to Lynchburg Range & Training, LLC (SafeSide).”

Gun ranges were singled out in the governor’s order as “non-essential” businesses.

During his Monday afternoon briefing, Governor Northam said that the Virginia government is weighing options in order to respond to this ruling.

The ruling does note that Safeside still needs to comply with social distancing and sanitizing rules that health officials establish, and that nothing in the order should impede the enforcement of any other provision of EO53.

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