Judge Moore releases pro-life ad ‘We Dare Defend Life’ for final close for Senate Alabama election

For the final two days of Alabama’s special Senate election held Tuesday, Republican nominee Roy S. Moore released today a daring commercial, “We Dare Defend Life” that will part of an ad buy designed to motivate the state’s hard-core pro-life community.

A source familiar with the campaign’s strategy told Big League Politics Moore’s Democratic opponent G. Douglas Jones set himself up for the ad because of his extreme position on abortion, which would offer the unborn no legal protection up until the moment they are born.

The national media attempted to make the election a referendum on Moore, twice his state’s chief justice, and the women, who accused him of sexually awkward encounters when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s, including one woman, who insisted that she was 14-year-old. In Alabama, the age of consent, then and now, is 16-years-old.

The source said the election has become a referendum on restoring rights to the unborn with local pro-life groups picking up the slack left by national pro-life groups, who abandoned the Moore campaign.

Using microscopic photography, the video opens with the conception and follows an unborn child’s development in the womb all the way through to birth and taking its first steps.

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