Judge Napolitano: Trump Should Be Charged With Obstruction Despite No ‘Underlying Crime’

Once a good friend to Donald Trump, Judge Andrew Napolitano has transformed among his most biting critics since his 2017 suspension. He predictably trashed Attorney General Bill Barr on Fox News after he was grilled yesterday by angry Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I don’t think it went very well for him,” Napolitano said during an appearance on Your World with Neil Cavuto. “I think the impression he created of misleading Congress, he created yet again.”

Napolitano suggested that Barr’s rationale for not charging Trump with obstruction was flawed, and the fact that Trump never committed any crime was immaterial to the case.

“Bill Barr has a very unique interpretation of the obstruction statute… His view is it’s impossible to obstruct justice if you’re being investigated for a crime you didn’t commit,” Napolitano said.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence showing that Trump committed any type of Russian collusion, Napolitano believes Trump should be charged anyway.

“The obstruction of justice statute says, ‘Whoever for a corrupt purpose impedes or attempts to impede an investigation or a judicial proceeding shall be guilty of obstruction.’ It doesn’t matter if you committed the underlying crime,” he said.

Napolitano suggests that the House Judiciary Committee summon Barr yet again for more dog-and-pony-show hearings about the Mueller investigation. He believes that un-elected federal lawyers would question Barr more thoroughly.

“The questions will be better when they come from lawyers. They’re not looking to score points with the voters back home,” Napolitano said.

“Some of those questions drove me crazy today because they didn’t follow-up,” Napolitano said, implying that the deranged Democrats didn’t hit Trump hard enough.

The Judge did ultimately admit that Democrats accomplished nothing with yesterday’s hearings, much to his dismay.

“If you think this was a witch hunt and are glad it’s over with, you probably still think that,” Napolitano said. “If you think the President obstructed justice and should have been charged with that, you probably still think that.”

Unfortunately for the Judge, President Trump has outmaneuvered the deep state on this issue. Trump has been exonerated because of the Mueller Report, regardless of any distortions made by fake news readers.

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