Julian Assange Leads Charge For Perjury Case Against James Clapper

Terry Walsh, Facebook

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is leading the charge to incite a perjury case against Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Clapper testified Monday before the U.S. Senate on matters of surveillance and alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and/or administration with the Russians, which has never been substantiated.

Assange points to Clapper’s claim that Republican data, unlike Democratic data, was never released during the election.

Assange also accused Clapper of committing perjury in the past.

Big League Politics recently made waves by reporting that Obama CIA director John Brennan and Clapper both ran a fly-by-night data operation in Nevada that spied on millions of Americans’ phone calls including Donald Trump’s, according to claims made on audiotape by real estate mogul Timothy Blixeth. Big League Politics reported:

“He’s a very genius computer guy,” Blixseth said of Montgomery. “What they did is, they were actually working for the CIA. And they mask it as — I’m sure you’ll remember this — the contracts with the CIA, of which I had many copies, said that they were decoding Al-Jazeera television, said that there was broadcast embedded, remember that? Owned by Gore? Al Gore’s got part of it now. But it was all bullshit. That was bullshit. That was a front by the CIA. And this guy [Montgomery] worked for Brennan and Clapper. Those were the two guys running it,” Timothy Blixseth told Arpaio and Zullo on the tape.

“He started out in 2004 with another partner in Reno, Nevada, called eTreppid. They collected about $40 million from the CIA. Top security clearance. All kinds of letters…In 2006 they started a new company that [my ex-wife] owns, and they started doing the same business for the government. What it really turns out they were doing is they were hacking into all of America.”

Big League Politics called the listed number for eTreppid Technologies, but we were told that Montgomery no longer works there. “That company closed down years ago, sir,” a representative said of eTreppid Technologies. When asked what the company is called now, the representative said, “I’m sorry, I can’t discuss any more with you.”

Blixseth claimed in his conversation with Zullo and Arpaio that Brennan and Clapper were running the operation.”

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