Julian Assange Says Louise Mensch Is ‘Clinically Ill’

Louise Mensch Twitter avi

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that anti-Trump conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch is “clinically ill” and that everything she says is “obvious garbage.”

Assange made the statements in a Twitter Direct Message conversation Thursday, which Assange gave permission to the account @decryptable to publish.

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Mensch is a former Conservative member of British Parliament and former top executive at Rupert Murdoch’s Heat Street website.

Mensch has vaulted to Internet notoriety by leading a witch hunt against people she claims are Russian agents or in league with Vladimir Putin, including pro-Trump conservatives.

The Daily Caller recently reported: “Just about all of Mensch’s theories have centered around Russian President Vladimir Putin and alleged operations by his government to undermine the American political system. Her most recent unfounded idea that caused an uproar on the internet was that the late Andrew Breitbart was murdered by Putin. “I absolutely believe that Andrew Breitbart was murdered by Putin, just as the founder of RT was murdered by Putin,” Mensch tweeted to her nearly 150,000 followers Friday while offering no evidence. The founder of the eponymous news site died suddenly at age 43 from heart failure in March 2012.”

Despite the criticism, Mensch seems determined to keep her supposed anti-Putin crusade going. A request for comment sent to Mensch’s blog Patribotics was not immediately returned.


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  1. “Putin’s war on America.” Obama spying on France isn’t helping her case.

  2. Yea. Breitbart was proclaiming that he was going to completely expose Obama – that’s why Putin had him killed. Right.

  3. Breitbart may have been murdered, but it wasn’t by Putin.

    He was set to release “career-ending” information on Obama on the day he died. It never came out. The coroner who performed his autopsy died less than 2 months later.

    May be a coincidence, but I never assume coincidence.

  4. Paul Walker, who was involved in charity relief to Haiti, was another strange one.

  5. Of course Putin didn’t “murder Breitbart,” who died immediately after he tweeted about someone else.
    I was only showing the fault in her line of reasoning by following it to a logical conclusion.
    And in such cases, you are quite right to discount coincidence.

  6. At this point, Assange pretty has as much credibility as any journalist could have. Mensch is his polar opposite.

  7. She is another crazy that thinks, “The Russians are coming-The Russians are coming!” Lolz!