Jury Refuses to Convict Left-Wing Activist Who Allegedly Helped Illegals Cross Border

Scott Daniel Warren, a 36-year-old Arizona State University geography instructor accused of helping illegal immigrants as they crossed the border, is now a free man for the time being after his case resulted in a mistrial.

Federal prosecutors made the case that Warren conspired with two foreign migrants, helping them to avoid capture as they violated immigration law. Jurors could not ultimately agree on a decision.

Warren is a member of the humanitarian group called No More Deaths. The organization operates near the border, leaving items such as food, water, clothing and other supplies that help illegal migrants funnel into the country without consequence.

Jurors told a federal judge that they could not reach a verdict on Monday regarding Warren’s case. The emotional appeals issued by Warren’s defense attorney may have swayed members of the jury not to convict.

His defense attorney, Gregory Kuykendall, said during a court proceeding that Warren is a “law-abiding, life-giving Good Samaritan,” who “never gave [the migrant men] anything besides basic human kindness.”

Left-wing groups like Human Rights First are celebrating the news as a major victory.

“Warren never should have been prosecuted for providing water and medical aid to migrants in the desert. The prosecution bore the hallmarks of actions taken by authoritarian governments, and we urge the government not to retry the case,” said Human Rights First’s Senior Advisor on Human Rights Defenders Brian Dooley in a press release.

The globalists at the United Nations are also gloating over the decision.

“Humanitarian aid is not a crime,” the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement.

No More Deaths operates out of Ajo, AZ in their headquarters referred to as “The Barn” where they help facilitate a migrant invasion that has turned into a national emergency.

“In the time since I was arrested in January 2018, no fewer than 88 bodies were recovered from the Arizona desert,” Warren said after the trial ended.

“The government’s plan in the midst of this humanitarian crisis? Policies to target undocumented people, refugees and their families. Prosecutions to criminalize humanitarian aid, kindness and solidarity,” he added.

However, Warren may not be free for long. A July 2 status hearing that is scheduled to take place means re-trial may be in the works. In the mean time, leftists who support open border anarchy have been emboldened.

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