Jussie Smollett May Have Lied to FBI, Tried to Frame Innocents for Hoax

The criminal dimensions of Jussie Smollett’s all-but-guaranteed hate hoax may expand farther beyond what’s already largely speculated, according to reporting from TMZ Monday.

Smollett may have employed the two Nigerian brothers believed to have carried out the fake attack at his bidding to send himself an almost comically fake ‘hate’ letter weeks ago.

The letter contained rhetoric similar to what Smollett claims his attackers abused him with, threatening his life and calling him a “black f**.”

The FBI has been investigating the letter’s source, and if it’s found to be just as fake as the alleyway ambush, the penalties Smollett will face could be severe. Mail fraud is a federal crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Police who raided the home of the Osundairo brothers(said to the Smollett’s accomplices in staging the hoax) located cut-out magazines, potentially used in creating the magazine-letter hate mail that Smollett received.

In an even more disturbing development, it seems Smollett may have tried to take advantage of what he saw as an opportunity to frame completely innocent people for the hoax.

The Empire actor had told police he’d be willing to sign off on criminal complaints against the two ‘suspects’ when they were in custody. Yet when Smollett found out that police arrested the Osundairo brothers in regards to the incident, he declined to pursue charges, as he had earlier indicated he’d be willing to.

This change of heart suggests that Smollett would have been willing to press charges against hypothetical individuals arrested by Chicago police in connection to the attack. With the incident appearing almost certainly to be a hoax, Smollett would’ve been enabling the criminal prosecution of individuals who were completely blameless.

Smollett’s hoax can’t be simply written off as the grotesque stunt of a publicity seeker, if Chicago’s system of justice wants to retain any semblance of credibility in the eyes of the more than 100,000 Trump supporters who live in the city.

Smollett should face serious felony charges, and a prison sentence, upon the full exposure of his pathetic hate hoax.

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