JUST IN: White House Preparing Executive Order on Social Media Censorship

President Trump is preparing to sign an unspecified executive order dealing with the ramifications of social media censorship, reports indicated on Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that the President is planning on signing the order to reporters on Air Force One. The White House has ‘monitored’ the rampant political censorship tactics utilized by social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to silence conservatives, nationalists, and others for years, but it seems President Trump might finally be willing to act in order to halt Silicon Valley’s authoritarian instincts to crush free speech.

A soft censorship tactic utilized by Twitter on some recent Trump tweets may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The platform has begun inserting ‘fact-checking’ editorial content on the President’s tweet, falsely claiming that some of the new mail-in voting schemes being executed by Democrats are foolproof, as the President argues otherwise.

President Trump accused Twitter of interfering in the 2020 Presidential election by doing so.


President Trump appeared to endorse the concept of social media regulation in more definitive terms than he ever has before in a Wednesday tweet, claiming that “We will strongly regulate, or close them down,” before the platforms institute full authoritarian censorship of conservatives.


It’s unclear as of Wednesday night what the executive order, which is likely to be signed on Thursday, will actually include. Some have suggested that the order will create a panel of experts to review Silicon Valley’s censorship and political bias, a gesture that could prove suggestive, but ultimately lacking in substance. Some free speech advocates have called for the federal government to officially recognize censorious social media companies as publishers rather than platforms on the account of their editorial bias, leaving the Masters of the Universe liable to lawsuits for their rampant political censorship.

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