“Just Stab The Mother****er In The Heart” Says Democrat ‘Protestor’ Outside Mitch McConnell’s Home

A deranged Democrat ‘protestor’ broadcast a live stream tonight on Facebook outside of Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home.

It appears that the protest, which closely resembles harassment, was inspired by Democrat politicians’ targeting of Mitch McConnell to pass far reaching gun control.

The woman can be heard on the video hoping that someone would “just stab the motherf*cker in the heart,” in apparent reference to Mitch McConnell.

Earlier in the clip, the same woman cracks wise about Rand Paul’s life threatening injuries suffered at the hands of a Democrat neighbor.

Just this weekend, Senator Paul required surgery to remove part of his damaged lung. This surgery was only days after Congresswoman Ilhan Omar endorsed the attack on Paul. 

Democrats are increasingly showing that they will do anything to get back in power. Including violent threats.



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