Just What Nobody Wanted: Globalists Push ‘Never Trump’ Media Racket Run by Neocons

When the Weekly Standard announced it was closing their globalist rag, pro-Trump patriots and long-time conservative activists breathed a sigh of relief. Certainly having no supporters was the end of neoconservative “journalism” once and for all, right?

Not quite. Rumors of neocons’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. Buoyed by leftist dollars, these vultures who ruined the conservative movement by pushing massive spending hikes, open-border anarchy, and crazed foreign interventions are hiding in plain sight ready to pick the bones of the Trump revolution.

Jonah Goldberg, long-time ‘Never Trump’ hack of National Review, is pairing with Steve Hayes, the former Weekly Standard editor-in-chief who was last seen leading a media witch-hunt against Rep. Steve King (R-IA) for non-existent racism, to create a supposedly conservative media entity to oppose the Republican President. Hayes is expected to serve as the CEO while Goldberg is the editor-in-chief of this currently unnamed outlet.

“We believe there’s a great appetite on the center-right for an independent conservative media company that resists partisan boosterism and combines a focus on old-school reporting with interesting and provocative commentary and analysis,” Hayes said according to an Axios report.

This follows news that infamous neocon Bill Kristol was joining The Bulwark, another landing spot for Weekly Standard leftovers, as editor-at-large. Bulwark’s editor-in-chief, Charlie Sykes claims his site serves as a “forum for rational, principled, fact-based conservative commentary” to “provide a voice for non-Trumpian conservatives” as the right-wing “descends into sophism and trollery.”

“We are not going to get any Russian or Saudi money,” Sykes boasted.

However, The Bulwark is a project of the leftist Defending Democracy Together Institute, which is funded by progressive financier Pierre Omidyar. Omidyar, the founder of eBay, is a notorious Trump hater who has funded Democratic party politics for decades. Omidyar is also a contemporary and influential supporter of George Soros. According to data compiled by Influence Watch, the Omidyar Network Fund has awarded grant money to many Soros fronts including Tides Foundation, Tides Center, and the Open Society Foundations.

It used to be considered a conspiracy theory to posit that the neocons were closet leftists who infiltrated conservative politics and made it their vehicle to promote big government, but these connections are becoming very difficult to deny. Whether it is due to their deep-seeded ideology or just out of mutual hatred of the President, neocons are now officially sleeping with the enemy. When the left comes to destroy Trump, expect these shameless creatures to attempt slithering back into power one last time.

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