JUSTICE: Cross-Dressing Student Found Guilty of Sex Assault in Loudoun County High School

A cross-dressing male student has been convicted in Loudoun County’s juvenile court system of the sexual assault of a female classmate in a girl’s restroom, following a scandal that revealed the local school board had sought to cover up reports of the crime for fear it would incite the school system’s transgender agenda.

A 14-year old biological male student who some accounts have described as transgender was found guilty on all counts for the assault at Stone Bridge High School, with most details surrounding the criminal conviction sealed as a result of the offender’s age. The minor will await adjudication of charges stemming from yet another assault at a different high school before sentencing.

The sexual assault had drawn national scrutiny upon Loudoun County, with the Daily Wire publishing the account of Scott Smith- the girl’s father- after Mr. Smith was arrested, ejected and slapped with criminal charges for leading a protest of the school board that failed to protect his daughter and attempted to cover up the incident. Internal communications of the Loudoun school board reveal administrators knew of the sexual assault- which the perpetrator reportedly admitted to- in May, failing to report the crime to parents. Loudoun school board members had falsely claimed “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist” in a board meeting protested by Mr. Smith.

The charged minor had originally faced charges of forcible sodomy in the case, although at one point a left-wing prosecutor had sought to minimize the criminal charges against the youth.

Lawyers representing the Smith family released a statement on behalf of the victim’s parents.

The account of gross negligence for the safety of children and in the name of fanatical political correctness has become a point of contention in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, which is slated to occur on November. President Obama has accused supporters of Glenn Youngkin of focusing on “phony trumped culture wars” by raising awareness about the scandal.

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