Kaiser Permanente is Brainwashing 12 to 17-Year-Old Children to ‘Cope with Fear’ Over Transgender Mutilation

Kaiser Permanente, a major national health care consortium, hosted Pediatric Gender Expression Care workshops throughout the summer in an attempt to coerce children as young as 12 years of age to get their genitals mutilated and become transgender.

Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright brought light to the virtual workshops in a series of Twitter posts:

The email obtained by Wright from Kaiser Permanente stated that the eight-week workshop would “provide a comfortable and safe environment for kids and their parents or guardians to explore social gender identity and learn ways to comfortably express themselves.”

Topics for the workshop included “Reflection and Reset -Validating Emotions, Grieving, Navigating Loss of Identity,” “setting goals for gender expression,” “Changing Bodies – Normalizing fear, what to expect and cope with fear of changes,” and “navigating self-expression.”

Kaiser Permanente is behind the Northwest Gender Pathways Clinic and similar gender clinics throughout the nation. At these clinics, they drug children with puberty blockers and perform procedures for kids to become permanently scarred monsters to serve the LGBT agenda.

The clinic uses guidelines from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) to dictate their policies. WPATH recommends cross sex hormones to be administered to children as young as 14. Double mastectomies’, or the removing of breast tissue, is done to children as young as 15. Teens as young as 17 can receive vaginoplasties and hysterectomies, and children as young as 16 can receive breast augmentation for facial surgeries.

Big League Politics has reported on children being targeted by satanic child abuse from LGBT predators with health care companies and Big Pharma profiting mightily from this madness:

Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine said that all doctors agree that children should be given hormone blockers if they identify as transgender.

Levine is transgender, born a man but masquerading as a woman, and is intent upon imposing “her” dogma on children no matter how it may destroy them. 

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