Kamala Harris Believes Gun Violence is a “Disease” that Justifies More Gun Control

On August 11, 2023,  Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in front of volunteers of Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety and asserted that gun violence is a “disease” that demands the passage of additional gun control.

Harris started her comments by falsely asserting that “gun violence is the leading cause of death of the children of America.”

According to a Breitbart News report,  Harris made these remarks in the middle of July. Based on Breitbart’s research, figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrated that firearms-connected deaths for children from the ages of 0-17 totaled 2,281 in 2020. By contrast, the total of motor vehicle deaths for the same age range was 2,503.

On top of that, on July 13, 2023, Breitbart News published a report alluding to CDC numbers demonstrating how accidental suffocation deaths are ten times greater among children than accidental firearm deaths.

However, Harris asserted  that gun violence is the main cause of death for children, then continued by noting that, “It’s the number one cause of death, not some disease, although this is a form of a disease.”

Harris then started calling for red flag gun confiscation orders, an “assault weapons” prohibition, and universal background checks, all legislation that is on the books in California that has done nothing to stop mass shootings in the Golden State.

California has all the gun control measures that federal Democrats are advocating for. Despite that, an FBI report on “Active Shooter Incidents” demonstrated that California was the leading state for mass shooting incidents in the nation. 

Harris is a gun control booster and booster through. She has no respect for the Second Amendment and will do everything possible through conventional and unconventional means to realize her anti-gun agenda. 

God help this country if Joe Biden were to vacate his position as president. Under such a scenario, we could see the Second Amendment be wiped off the face of the earth.

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