Kamala Harris Praises Australia’s Radical Gun Control Measures

After the Lewiston, Maine massacre that resulted in the deaths of 18 people, Democratic Party leaders such as President Joe Biden immediately capitalized on this incident to call for gun control. 

For her part, Vice President Kamala Harris dialed up the pressure by praising Australia’s gun control measures passed in the wake of a mass shooting murder spree in Port Arthur, Tasmania. 

Harris gave this speech during a luncheon for Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The current vice president is the supervisor of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Australia’s gun grab is largely extolled by American gun control proponents. In the late 1990s, the Australian government confiscated roughly 650,000 firearms through an “infamous” buyback program. However, there were slightly fewer than 3 million firearms legally owned across the nation. 

Cam Edwards correctly noted that 400-450 million guns are owned by roughly 90-110 million Americans, so confiscating firearms will be a tall order 

The fact of the matter is that Australia is a largely white nation, with estimates of it being 80% to 90% white. This largely contributes to Australia’s low crime irrespective of what gun control measures are passed. 

By contrast, the US is incredibly diverse with whites projected to be a minority by 2050. And as we all know diversity is not a strength. The US has more gangs per capita than the majority of Western nations owing to non-white overrepresentation in gang activity and the simple fact that the US has more non-whites than other Western nations. 

This politically incorrect factor is not talked about and for good reason. The US is governed by political correctness, where people are not allowed to speak inconvenient truths about race and other taboo subjects. 

If US leaders had any backbone, they would start bringing up the issue of race. Getting to the truth will undoubtedly prevent the country from passing bone-headed measures such as gun control. 

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