Kamala Harris Wants to Slap Fines on Companies That Pay Women Less Than Men

2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris is unveiling a plan that aims to close the alleged gender pay gap.

She will do so by fining corporations who pay men more than women.

Under Harris’ plan, companies must reveal their pay policies while submitting an application for a mandatory “Equal Pay Certification” from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to the AP, companies that fail to meet these standards “would be fined 1% of their profits for every 1% wage gap they allow to persist for work of equal value.”

The California Senator claims $180 billion would be collected over 10 years. Fines will then decrease during this timeframe as companies bolster their equal pay policies.

Harris’s campaign said on Monday:

“Kamala Harris has a simple message for corporations: Pay women fairly or pay the price.”

The campaign statement added:

“We’ve let corporations hide their wage gaps, but forced women to stand up in court just to get the pay they’ve earned. It’s time to flip the script and finally hold corporations accountable for pay inequality in America.”

According to the Harris campaign, her equal-pay plan prohibits employers from asking about prior salary throughout the hiring process, bans companies from using forced arbitration agreements in employment contracts for cases of pay discrimination, and would require companies to allow employees to openly discuss their pay.

On top of that, companies would be obligated to report on the women who are the company’s highest earners, the total pay gaps that exist between men and women, irrespective of their job titles, experience, and performance.

As far as federal employers go, all federal contractors would be required to achieve Equal Pay Certification within the first two years of Harris assuming the presidency. If they do not comply, they will be prevented from competing for contracts worth more than $500,00.

Harris has made radicalism a part of her 2020 presidential campaign.

Coming from California, one of the most anti-gun states in the country, Harris has already brought forward radical gun control proposals as part of her presidential campaign.

According to a BLP report, Harris wants to enact gun control via executive action.

Now that she’s going all in on the feminist agenda, Harris has embraced radicalism as a means to differentiate herself from a crowded Democrat field.


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