Kamala Harris Wikipedia Page Purged Amidst Vice Presidential Consideration

An online war has developed over Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia page, with a powerful Wikipedia editor making 500 revisions to the California Democrat Senator’s page. The edits, which come as Harris is vetted by Joe Biden as a possible Vice Presidential candidate, largely erase accusations of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of the former presidential candidate.

The Intercept initially documented the edit war occurring on Harris’ entry last week.

Wikipedia editor Bnguyen1114 has erased information documenting aspects of Harris’ criminal justice and political career that could damage the corporate Democrat’s popularity with progressives, such as her “tough-on-crime” campaign strategy in in a San Francisco district attorney election. Information about a trip to Israel in which Harris met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also been erased.

One editor opposing the public-relations themed rebrand of the former federal prosecutor’s Wikipedia paged slammed the insurgent editor for his attempt to promote Harris. “[y]ou seem to have gone through a database of press releases from Harris’s office, cataloging every single one and adding it to the article. That is not how we write encyclopedic articles.

Bngyuen1114 is essentially shameless in his push to sanitize Harris’ reputation in posted explanations of his edits on Harris’ Wikipedia entry, stating that “I‘m not a Democratic operative, I do this for free because I’m sick of misinformation about Kamala Harris.

Surges of Wikipedia edits have been made involving previous potential Vice Presidential candidates, such as Sarah Palin in 2008 and Tim Kaine in 2016.

The convenient timing of the edits is conspicuous, and a politically charged attempt to cover up questionable elements of the California Democrat’s record.

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