Kanye West Thrown Off of Presidential Election Ballot in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Election Commission voted in a 5-1 ruling to prevent West from appearing on a November ballot. The commission ruled that West had failed to meet signature requirements, claiming that an election lawyer who delivered the signatures qualifying West for the ballot had dropped them off after normal business hours.

Lane Ruhland, an election attorney working to secure ballot access for West, allegedly dropped off his qualifying ballot signatures after 5PM on August 4th. The election commission rules that West is ineligible for the ballot on these grounds.

One Commissioner, Robert Spindell, voted against the majority, arguing that the signatures were delivered to the WEC on time and claiming that the Democrats on the elections council were trying to keep West off the November ballot to protect Democrats. The longtime rap artist has been discussed as a possible contender for a significant share of the black vote, possibly siphoning enough votes to deny Democrat Joe Biden a victory in crucial swing states.

West continues to seek ballot access in many other American states, some of which could prove to be crucial swing states in the November election. His late-entry campaign is currently organizing to attain ballot access in the states of Arizona, Minnesota and Iowa.

Why is the Wisconsin Election Commission denying ballot access for the only black major candidate to run for President?

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