Kari Lake Calls Doug Ducey And Mike Pence ‘Laughing Stocks Of Politics’

Image source: AZ Central

The Arizona gubernatorial primary has arguably remained one of the most famous statewide races in America today, with tensions flaring high all over the Republican Party. Former Phoenix TV anchor Kari Lake has remained at the top of the race, consistently holding double-digit leads against her others opponents in many polls. Lake proudly touted her endorsement by former President Trump throughout the race, unlike her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, who earned the support of former Vice President Mike Pence.

Robson complimented Pence after his endorsement, saying that “modern politics is full of charlatans and fakes, but VP Pence is the genuine article.”

American journalist Jack Posobiec hosted Kari Lake on a Tuesday episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room to offer her take on the matter.

“It is MAGA versus the swamp,” Lake stated confidently. “And I think we know what side the American people are on.”

Lake continued, “The swamp creatures are taking their last gasp of breath and trying to hold on for dear life, but they’re gonna get flushed away in this election… we’re seeing it.”

The former news anchor then attacked the state’s current governor and the former vice president, who have both expressed public support for Robson.

“They’re thinking that rolling out somebody like Doug Ducey or Mike Pence will do the job. I mean, these guys are the laughing stock, frankly, of politics right now. The people have turned on them because they turned on the people, and my opponent has never been even close to catching up with us in the polls.”

Lake suggested that recent media highlights of polls indicating Robson may be closing on her lead do not tell the full story.

“They’re trying to act like she’s tightening her stance with us and getting close to us. But all of our internal polling shows were up 11, 12, 13, all over the state, even in areas that are a little bit ‘swampier’ that maybe you’d think she would be doing better. She still can’t pull ahead and can’t even come close to us.”

The gubernatorial candidate defended the record of former President Trump, saying, “whether you loved President Trump, like the majority of people, or even if you didn’t, you have to admit looking back three, four years ago, your life was so much better under the America first policies,” Lake continued, before promising to secure the Arizona border, which has remained an illegal immigration hotspot under the rule of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R).

“That’s simply what we’re going to do here in Arizona. I’m going to bring America-first policies to Arizona. We’re going to secure the border, like it was secure with President Trump, maybe even more secure. And we are going to bring some common-sense policies to Arizona and for once and for all push back on the McCain machine, which is still kind of running in this state, although it’s really on its last gasp and we’re going to bring back a government of ‘we the people.'”

Lake explained that she was inspired by the legacy of former President Trump and passionately promised to save the country.

“They thought they finished up with President Trump and they moved him on out, and what has happened is a whole legacy of leaders that President Trump inspired, myself included, who are not willing to let go of America, who are not willing to let this country falter, and we’re gonna save it.”

Former President Trump has been at odds with the Arizona Republican establishment, urging voters to support both Lake and Senate primary candidate Blake Masters (R). The state’s upcoming midterm elections may consequently serve as a bellwether for the future of the GOP in the war between America First conservatives and those supporting the party’s traditional establishment.

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