‘Kasich For Senate’ Website Owned By Anti-Kasich Trolls

John Kasich, Facebook

#NeverTrump former presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich will have an uphill battle to winning a U.S. Senate seat in 2018.

The recent author will not be able to use KasichForSenate.com.

Why not, you ask?

Go to Kasichforsenate.com and you will find nothing but this Ron Swanson Gif:

giphy kasichforsenate.com

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Nice trolling, folks. Deplorables 1. Kasich 0.



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  1. Kasich is a corrupt tool.

    His ENTIRE career was spent in politics before he “inexplicably” got a top level finance job as a Partner at Lehman Bros with ZERO financial experience (*cough* corruption *cough*).

    Kasich proceeded to run Lehman Bros into the ground – one of the top financial firms in the country went under in the 2007 financial crisis.

    Later, when running for the Republican Presidential nomination, Kasich solemnly swore to support the eventual nominee. Not only did he lie, he actively SABOTAGED the party’s nominee by burning down the party structure in his state and using PARTY RESOURCES to campaign for a totally different party (theft, fraud, and embezzlement under the standards we’re held to).

    Plus, we all know Kasich treats our boys in uniform like garbage – there’s even a video of Kasich flipping out on a cop at a traffic stop and basically telling him to learn his place.

    A long and sordid history of corruption, mismanagement, and ineptitude – Kasich for Senate.

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