Kathy Griffin Builds Wall Around Mansion to Keep Her Trump-Supporting Neighbor Out

An anti-Trump comedienne showed her complete lack of self-awareness during an interview in which she showed off the wall built around her mansion to to avoid her pro-Trump neighbor.

“We kind of built, like a little… As Trump would say, we built a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall,” Griffin said according to Daily Mail.

According to Griffin, she has been at odds with her neighbor since her infamous photoshoot in which she held up a severed, bloody Trump head.

“The TV star claimed that the Trump-supporting neighbor in question has been regularly screaming insults at her ever since she posed for her infamous photo depicting her holding up a mask that looked like President Donald Trump’s decapitated head,” said Daily Mail. 

“The comedienne, 57, explained the story behind the architectural upgrade while giving a tour of her lavish $10.5 million home to YouTube star Shane Dawson, 30, his mother Teresa Yaw, 59, his boyfriend Ryland Adams, 27, and several of his friends,” according to the article.

In the leftist playbook building walls is supposedly off limits, especially according to spoiled Hollyweird brats like Griffin who publicly stump against the Trump agenda centered around building a Southern border wall.

Walls for me, but not for thee.

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