Kavanaugh Classmate Tells Rush: Huffington Post Called Me Looking For ‘Dirt’

A woman named Jenny in Wyoming told Rush Limbaugh Tuesday that she was in the same residential college at Yale University as Brett Kavanaugh, the President Trump Supreme Court nominee who is fending off unsubstantiated sexual impropriety claims from two accusers.

The woman said that two reporters including a reporter from the Huffington Post called her regarding Kavanaugh, and described how the reporters used leading questions to dig up “dirt” on Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Phone Audio: CNN Producer Cold-Calling Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale Classmates).

“So if I had to describe Brett Kavanaugh that I knew from 1983 through 1987, I would describe him with one word as “kind.” He is kind, he is gentle, he was gracious, he was thoughtful. He was never somebody I would ever think of as a quote “partier.” He was a good man, and I’m just offended that all of this coming out. I don’t associate that at all with the person that I knew,” Jenny said.

“Absolutely not. Absolutely not. And if there had been, I would have known because it was a small group of people. No! He was just a normal, nice guy,” Jenny said when Rush asked her if people ever warned her to be careful of Kavanaugh.

What Jenny said next reveals the strategy of the anti-Trump and anti-Kavanaugh mainstream media.

“I even had two reporters contact me. The Huffington Post called me yesterday and it’s so strange ’cause I live in Wyoming out in the middle of nowhere and reporters do not usually call me of all people,” Jenny said.

“They’re trying to get dirt on him,” Jenny said.

“I’ve had this happen once over the summer, and the person who called — the reporter — in the middle of the summer, when I wasn’t able to give her any dirt, she started to lead me, just like leading the witness. She started suggesting terrible things that I should say about him, and when I wasn’t able to do that she started leading me down the road. “Can I say anything negative about the groups that he participated in, you know, the clubs that he was a part of while he was at Yale?” Again, I wouldn’t say anything negative about them as well. I didn’t have anything negative to say but he was really offended. The reporters are calling me, of all people, to get negative things to come up with, and it really makes me suspicious that these women who are coming forward have had something similar to them done to them as well, that somebody’s leading them and spurring them on and urging them,” Jenny said.

“Honestly, I sort of directed the conversation earlier than giving her a chance to do that. It was a very young girl. I did ask her age. She was 28 and I was thinking, “This girl doesn’t know anything. She wasn’t even around during the Clinton era. She (unintelligible) history here,” and when I talked with her about it I turned around all the questions back onto her and asked her…” Jenny said.

“So I talked about how the reporter who had called me in the summer had been very manipulative and was leading. I asked her, “What does it mean to be a journalist and are you trying to create the news that you want to hear or are you actually asking about it and wanting to learn something honest and true and what is true?” So I think I probably surprised her with some of that. But (crosstalk) —,” Jenny said, according to the Rush Limbaugh Show transcripts.

“Well, the reply to that was that we have to protect these women and that they have rights, too, from the angle of defending the woman. I talked about how in my opinion Brett Kavanaugh is the victim. He is truly the one being victimized, and I asked her how it would feel if you had worked all of your life and been a good person and had been conscientious and had done the right thing and had done something, a certain moment in your career been attacked wrongly, wrongly accused and how that would make her feel. Her response was that (garbled), well, he would still have a good job anyway,” Jenny said.


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