Kenosha Police Officer Shot Rape Fugitive Jacob Blake After Hearing “He’s Got My Kid”

The Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer that shot Jacob Blake after he reached into his vehicle while resisting arrest has revealed that a woman told him ‘he’s got my kid, he’s got my keys’ before shooting the sexual assault fugitive.

The attorney of Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey, Brendan Matthews, revealed the crucial claim in a new interview with CNN published this week.

Blake had been wanted by Kenosha County authorities on pending felony charges of sexual assault and theft stemming from a home invasion alleged by an ex-girlfriend before the police confrontation. It’s since been confirmed that Blake possessed a knife during the police altercation in which he was shot, with the weapon being found on the floorboard of the vehicle he was trying to enter.

Matthews said a second officer at the scene, whom he also represents, provided investigators with a similar account of Blake turning toward Sheskey with a knife in his hand immediately prior to the shooting. That officer said he too would have opened fire but did not have a clear angle, according to the lawyer,” CNN reported.

Matthews argued that Officer Sheskey would’ve violated rational common sense law enforcement protocols if he didn’t respond with force as Blake committed several felonies while armed.

It appears as if the vehicle Blake was entering did not belong to him, as the woman who made the 911 call resulting in his shooting had been claiming he had her keys.

If you don’t want to be shot by police, don’t resist arrest with a knife as you attempt to drive away in a vehicle that does not belong to you with children present who have been taken from the lawful custody of their mother.

This accused sex criminal appears to have done all of these things before Sheskey opened fire, but he’s still become a martyr for the progressive left. Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has hailed him as a hero, and riots in the Kenosha area after his shooting have inflicted more than $50 million in damages.

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