Kentucky Government Denies Planned Parenthood License to Kill

WKYT reports that Governor Matt Bevin’s administration is refusing to grant Planned Parenthood a license to run an abortion clinic in its downtown Louisville location.

According to The Courier Journal, a letter released last Friday from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services says that Planned Parenthood carried out 23 abortions between December 3, 2015, and January 28, 2016. During that time period, Planned Parenthood was working to acquire a state license.

A judge previously ruled that Planned Parenthood had been following state officials’ guidelines when it commenced its operations in December 2015.

In response to the Bevin’s actions, Planned Parenthood sent out a release this past Friday accusing the administration of refusing to abide by the court order which expedites the licensing process.

For the time being, EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville is the only abortion clinic located within Kentucky state lines. It carries out 3,300 abortions per year.

Kentucky has taken a conservative direction under the administration of Matt Bevin. Under Bevin’s watch, Kentucky has passed constitutional carry, a fetal heartbeat abortion ban, and right-to-work.

This latest move to restrict abortion demonstrates Bevin’s commitments to making Kentucky one of the most conservative states in the country.

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