Kevin McCarthy Says Republicans Will Likely Oppose Additional Ukraine Aid if They Retake the House 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently stated that if Republicans win back the House in the 2022 midterms, there’s a strong chance the GOP will vote against additional economic and military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.

According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge the United States government has approved north of $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, on top of $18.2 billion in security assistance that has been sent to it since the Biden regime was installed in office January 2021. 

Back in May, Congress approved a $40 billion military and humanitarian aid package that saw 57 Republicans in the US House oppose this bill. 

Moreover, on October 14, a new $725 million package in security aid was put forward, which features ammunition for HIMARS rockets, antitank weapons, Humvees, and precision-guided artillery rounds, per a Pentagon report. 

“There’s the things [the Biden administration] is not doing domestically,” McCarthy said to Punchbowl News. “Not doing the border, and people begin to weigh that. Ukraine is important, but at the same time, it can’t be the only thing they do, and it can’t be a blank check.”

America First populists such as JD Vance, who is running for Ohio’s US Senate seat, and Blake Masters, who is running to unseat incumbent Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, are staunch opponents of the US’s continuation of this proxy war against Russia. 

“I do think that we have to get to a point, and this is where we do disagree, we’ve got to stop the money spigot to Ukraine eventually,” declared Vance. The Senate candidate stressed “the Ukrainians to be successful,” but not through additional funding from US taxpayers. 

“We cannot fund a long-term military conflict that I think ultimately has diminishing returns for our own country,” Vance said to ABC. He continued:  “I think we’re at the point where we’ve given enough money in Ukraine, I really do. … The Europeans need to step up. And frankly, if the Ukrainians and the Europeans, more importantly, knew that America wasn’t going to foot the bill, they might actually step up.”

Back in May, Masters emphasized how the money sent to Ukraine could be better used to secure the southern border. 

“Under Joe Biden, it’s always America last,” he declared in a video. “Let’s be clear about what this means. It means no cease-fire. It means another foreign war where we pay for everything. Many more thousands of people will die. There’s no resolution, no end in sight. The risk of course is that a proxy war can escalate into an all-out nuclear war between nuclear powers.”

With the growing America First movement within the GOP, it appears that the party is going back to its realist/non-interventionist ethos that was characteristic of its most prominent figures from the early 20th century until the Vietnam War. 

For far too long, the GOP has been under thorough neoconservative domination. But with the election of Donald Trump in 2016, a new insurgent movement threatens to upend the interventionist status quo. The America First vs. Neoconsertive battles will be some of the most critical forms of sectional in-fighting to watch in the next few decades.

For America’s sake, let’s hope America First comes out on top. 

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