‘Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion’

A popular YouTube channel for kids shared a controversial video to Facebook over the Christmas holiday that now has over a million views.

What seems to be a totally kid-friendly channel with over two million subscribers, the videos typically introduce kids to try new foods or to people with interesting jobs. HiHo Kids portrays itself as a social media format meant to entertain and educate children.

They’ve taken the responsibility of educating kids on abortion now, too. But, only the normality of abortion – not the fact that it kills a pre-born baby.

“Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion” went viral on Facebook when it was posted on December 28th. The feminist agenda was pushed by none other than a #ShoutYourAbortion advocate Amelia Bonow. The co-author of the #ShoutYourAbortion book tells kids that she had an abortion and presses upon the kids that it’s absolutely normal.

When explaining what an abortion is to one of the kids, Bonow states abortion “sucks out the pregnancy”. Bonow explains that she was not being reckless when she got pregnant – even though she was not practicing safe sex –  as one kid stated his disagreement with abortion if the mother was behaving recklessly. She states that, “abortion is part of God’s plan” and that she is “pro-life” because she does not want to deny women the access to “healthcare”.

This indoctrination that “abortion is normal” onto young children brought forth a lot of  virtual criticism:

The almost 3k comments on Facebook, many of which express disgust with the manipulation of children, indicate that most parents do not want abortion shoved down their kids throats.

Not once does the video explain the science behind the fact that abortion ends a heartbeat. Nor does it mention any humanistic qualities of the pre-born. The video persuades kids that abortion is a simple medical procedure that boosts women empowerment. The attempt to dehumanize the pre-born and normalize abortion is now being pushed onto children via supposedly kid-friendly social media platforms.

Question: will HiHo Kids make a video on the flip side of death? How about, “Kids Meet Someone Who Chose Life”?


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