Kimmel Writer Humiliates Herself, Claims 2A Isn’t in the Constitution — Cries ‘Sexism’ When Corrected


A Jimmy Kimmel writer absolutely humiliated herself on social media on Sunday, claiming that the Second Amendment is not in the US Constitution — then crying sexism after she was corrected.

The writer, Bess Kalb, made the absurd blunder in a now-deleted tweet on Sunday, writing: “Real quick seems worth clarifying the Second Amendment isn’t in the Constitution. It’s an amendment to the Constitution.”

Naturally, her massive error was immediately called out — but the person correcting her made the grave mistake of being male. The offender was a DC-based lawyer named Jon Bender, who responded with: “Well, it’s incorporated into the Constitution, right? The amended version.”

Kalb wasn’t about to let a person with a penis tell her she was wrong, even when she was, however. In another now-deleted tweet, the writer fired back: “Congratulations to this man for “Well,”-ing me WITHIN 10 seconds. Thank you for explaining this, Jon.”

Just when it seemed like Kalb’s understanding of the Constitution couldn’t get any worse, it did.

After Jeff Pojanowski, a professor at Notre Dame Law School, tweeted that he was going to make a 13th Amendment joke, but feared Kalb wouldn’t understand it — the Kimmel writer owned herself, again.

“You need to see the mean irony of tweeting to a woman that she wouldn’t understand the meaning of an amendment that gave her the right to vote,” Kalb tweeted.

Naturally, it was pointed out to her that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and the 19th Amendment was the one who gave women the write to vote — luckily this time, she was corrected by a fellow woman, which is perfectly acceptable.

The Jimmy Kimmel show has providing many laughs these days, but perhaps not in the way the comedian has been intending.

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