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KirstJen Nielsen Negotiates With Mexico Without Trump, Promises Un-Armed National Guards



President Donald Trump must be furious right now.

Kirstjen Nielsen, the John Kelly staffer who previously worked in the Bush administration and now heads the Department of Homeland Security, apparently told Mexico that the National Guard will be un-armed at the border.

Nielsen does not have the authority to dis-arm the National Guard if the President feels that the National Guard must be armed, as any constitutional expert knows.

“They help provide medical care for those that we do interdict. They’d help us to fleet maintain. There’s a lot of mechanics to use in that terrain,” Nielsen stated Thursday on Fox NEws. “So it’s a lot of support functions that free up the border patrol to do what they do best, which is enforce border laws.”

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Nielsen is making the cable rounds now, but you know who first put Nielsen in the spotlight on this issue? The government of Mexico. Apparently Nielsen talked to Mexico outside of President Trump’s conversations with Mexican leaders.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry first leaked to the press more than 16 hours ago that Nielsen talked to THEM directly. That’s right. The Mexican Foreign Ministry is cited in an Associated Press pool report announcing that Nielsen told them first that the National Guard will not be armed.

Axios reported on Nielsen when she got the DHS job from the Kelly-led White House:

“Nielsen is not a beloved figure at DHS; just as she wasn’t inside the White House. She has a very sharp-elbowed approach to doing business and doesn’t command anywhere near the respect that her predecessor, Kelly, did, according to more than half a dozen sources who’ve worked with her.

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  • Two sources familiar with the situation told me that the reaction inside DHS has been widespread shock at her appointment. There are only a few senior staff at the agency who are loyal to Nielsen. They include Elizabeth Neumann, who was Nielsen’s deputy when she was chief of staff at DHS under Kelly, and Jonathan Hoffman, the assistant secretary of public affairs at the agency.”


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San Francisco Board of Elections to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote



After two failed votes, the San Francisco Board of Elections has finally attained its goal of allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

“Monday the Department of Elections Issued Voter Registration Forms for non-citizens who are eligible to vote for members of the San Francisco Board of Education in the November 6th 2018 election,” says an ABC San Francisco report. “The measure passed in 2016 with a close vote of 54 percent to 46 percent following two failed previous attempts.”

San Francisco will be the first city in California to allow illegals to vote.

“We want to give immigrants the right to vote,” said Supervisor Norman Yee who represents District 7.

Immigrants already have the right to vote – legal ones, that is. But the political left continues to make a mockery of the American immigration system, spitting in the faces of everyone who comes to this country legally.

“As a parent myself and a former member of the SF Board of Education it is critical that the voices of all parents are at the table particularly those that have historically been denied a voice in the process,” said Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer who represents District 1.

Some sane people disagreed with the vote.

Harmeet Dhillon, Republican National Committeewoman from California voted against the measure in 2016, and spoke out against the latest vote.

“The reason I voted against it is that I think the right to vote is something that goes along with citizenship and should be,” Dhillon said. “I don’t think that people who have otherwise tenuous ties to San Francisco given their lack of legal residence should be making long term decisions about that structure and process.”

Now, the only requirement to vote in the San Francisco Board of Education election is being a resident of the city who is 18 years of age at the time of the election.

The measure allows illegals to vote through 2022, unless the city permanently adopts the ordinance.


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