Koch Brothers: We Will Help Democrats in 2018

Billionaire donor Charles Koch’s network of politically oriented nonprofit groups is looking to partner with Democrats going into the 2018 midterm elections.

Americans For Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel said at the Koch Brothers’ Colorado Springs conference that working with Democrats will be a priority for the billionaire backers’ efforts ahead of the November midterms.

CNBC reports: “I know this is uncomfortable,” Seidel told a group of donors and at least two GOP lawmakers who were sitting in the crowd. Koch network officials estimate there are approximately 500 donors attending this year’s conference. “If you are a Democrat and stand up to [Senator] Elizabeth Warren to corral enough votes for financial reform that breaks barriers for community banks and families, you’re darn right we will work with you.'”


The mainstream media for years since the Citizens United decision presented the Koch Brothers as the puppet masters of the Republican Party, which has been a largely accurate characterization during the era of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. But the Koch Brothers are now making it clear that their agenda is not simply the Republican agenda, and it’s certainly not Trump’s agenda. The globalist brothers are staunchly opposed to protectionist trade policies — like the kind that compelled the European Union to finally make a deal with Trump to buy more American soy beans and other produce.

Big League Politics reported:

The Koch Brothers’ political bank Freedom Partners is working against President Donald Trump’s tariffs with an ad “targeted to attendees of the May 15 United States Trade Representative (USTR) meeting to hear public comments regarding new tariffs on a wide array of goods imported from China.”

Freedom Partners is trying to whip up backlash to the tariffs in order to hurt Trump’s policymaking potential, and it underscores how the traditional boogey-men of the media are actually part of the Resistance, too. When the entire Republican Establishment and Mitt Romney went hard against Trump, the Republican Party changed.

Now, NeverTrumpers are split between pretending to be Trump supporters and going along with it until they can get Nikki Haley or Mike Pence into office, or they’re just bitter and angry somewhere.

The Libertarian world is in turmoil right now because Trump supporters have been getting purged in favor of strictly establishment voices and progressives.

On April 19, The Cato Institute vice president of research Brink Lindsey tweeted his dislike for former congressman Ron Paul for his “hideous corruption of libertarian ideas.” Accusing the most important member of the Libertarian movement of spreading ideas that “[put] his movement in the Trumpism family tree,” the Cato scholar accused both the president and the former presidential candidate of being xenophobic…

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