Koch Front Group President: “Poetic Justice” For Trump to Die of Wuhan Virus

The President of a Koch-funded group that advocates for the interests of major tech companies questioned whether there would be any greater “poetic justice” than the possibility of President Trump dying of the Chinese coronavirus.

Berin Szoka is the President of ‘Tech Freedom,’ a Koch-funded group founded primarily to advocate against proposals to regulate and rein back major Silicon Valley tech companies.

Szoka’s comments came in the light of reports that Congressman Matt Gaetz had been exposed to an individual who attended the CPAC conference who has since been diagnosed with the Chinese Coronavirus. Gaetz traveled with President Trump on Air Force One on Monday before learning of his contact with the individual, and some brought up the distant possibility that Gaetz is infected with the disease and could’ve transmitted it to President Trump and the White House staff.

Szoka went on to apologize for his since-ratioed and deleted tweet on Monday night, stating that he wasn’t seriously saying that the prospect of President Trump dying of coronavirus would be a good thing.

Szoka isn’t the first liberal to dream about their perceived political enemies dying of the virus. A Denver city councilwoman claimed she was being ‘sarcastic’ when retweeting a proposal to become infected with the virus before attending Trump rallies last week.

Szoka is a major lobbyist for the political and economic interests of Silicon Valley monopolies such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. It’s worth questioning if the behemoth media platforms he works for actually share his callous attitude towards the notion of his political opponents dying of the lethal and dangerous disease.

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