Koch-Funded Cato Institute: LGBT Agenda Made Possible Due to Capitalism

The cosmopolitan ‘Never Trump’ libertines at the Cato Institute, an insider Washington D.C. think-tank founded by Charles Koch, are pushing a fiction that the LGBT agenda is the work of capitalism.

David Boaz, the executive vice president of the Cato Institute, wrote “Capitalism, Not Socialism, Led to Gay Rights,” which was recently re-published on Cato’s website to honor Pride Month.

“From Adam Smith and Jeremy Bentham to the Libertarian Party and the Cato Institute (where I work), libertarians were ahead of the intellectual curve in applying the ideas of individual liberty to gay people,” Boaz argued.

“Capitalism freed people from feudalism and from the family farm. It allowed them to construct their own lives in a market society with space for separate personal and professional lives. It gave them the freedom and affluence to live on their own,” Boaz added.

Because capitalism freed individuals from social responsibilities such as caring for their families or bettering their communities, Boaz contends that capitalism allowed people idle time where they could experiment with sodomy and other illicit sexual practices.

“Capitalism led to industrialization, which led to urbanization, which offered the anonymity of the city to anyone who chafed under the strictures of the family and the village, as well as the chance to find people who shared one’s interests,” Boaz wrote.

Boaz makes the argument that economic freedom leads to degeneracy and moral decay, but in his warped libertine perspective, this is some kind of accomplishment.

“Look around the world, and it’s clear that the countries with the most freedom for gay people are those with a high degree of economic freedom,” Boaz wrote.

Boaz and other Cato scholars celebrate a marketplace that sells prosthetic genitalia to children, provides painful breast binders for transgender teens, gives puberty-blocking drugs to kids to prepare them for genital mutilation, and lionizes child drag queens who strip for dollars from lecherous perverts in seedy bars.

The freedom championed by Koch functionaries like Boaz includes concerned mothers having sniper rifles pointed at them by police for protesting a LGBT child grooming event, public libraries hosting convicted child sex predators to indoctrinate kids, and Christian bakers forced to bake cakes celebrating blasphemous acts under penalty of law.

If abominations like these are the work of capitalism, perhaps it is time for Christians and all right-wing individuals to consider finding an alternative to the free market.

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