Kris Kobach: Trump’s Immigration Policy Would Have Stopped 9/11

In a significant victory for the President, Kris Kobach won a heated Kansas primary for governor. Kobach, who defeated his Establishment backed opponent, is a populist immigration patriot.

Kobach was then demonized by the mainstream media for refusing to be a tool of the establishment. After winning the election, The President appointed Kobach to oversee the voter fraud commission.

To be clear, Kobach understands the threat of unfettered immigration. Kobach’s approach to immigration is to prioritize Anerica’s interests. In contrast with the establishment, Kobach is not beholden to special interests.

At a recent Kansas rally Kris Kobach said that “President Trump’s immigration policy would have prevented the 9/11 attacks. Though some may not want to believe it, the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by immigrants. In addition, terrorism itself is in many ways an immigration problem.”

The election of President Trump taught us that immigration patriotism is a winning proposition. President Trump famously ran on building a wall on the Mexican border and ending illegal immigration. Kobach is a known champion of these issues. He also supports requiring E-Verify.

Another policy focus for Kris Kobach is voter fraud. After the election of President Trump, Kris Kobach was appointed to examine voter fraud. As usual liberals responded by mocking the very notion that illegal immigrants would vote.

President Trump needs allies in the House and Senate. Kris Kobach is a loyal ally of The President.

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