KRITARCHY: Federal Judge Halts Trump Administration From Allowing States to Deny Refugees

A federal judge has temporarily banned states from denying refugees, nullifying an executive order issued by the Trump administration last year making participation in the refugee resettlement program voluntary.

Judge Peter J. Messitte of the Maryland District Court, a judge appointed to the bench by former President Bill Clinton, made his decision at the behest of refugee trafficking groups that have filed lawsuits against the White House.

“By giving States and Local Governments the power to veto where refugees may be resettled — in the face of clear statutory text and structure, purpose, Congressional intent, executive practice, judicial holdings, and Constitutional doctrine to the contrary — Order 13888 does not appear to serve the overall public interest,” Messitte wrote in his opinion.

“Granting the preliminary inductive relief Plaintiffs seek does,” he added. “Refugee resettlement activity should go forward as it developed for the almost 40 years before Executive Order 13888 was announced.”

The lawsuit was initiated by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. All three of these organizations are on the federal dole, receiving millions in taxpayer dollars to traffic potentially dangerous third-world refugees into the United States. The federal judge has made a decision in effect to protect the gravy train for these groups from being cut off.

“The President’s order and resulting agency actions threaten to deprive thousands of refugees of their best chance to successfully build a new life and to burden thousands of U.S. families who are waiting to reunite with their parents, children, and other relatives fleeing persecution,” the organizations wrote in their complaint.

Creating the doctrine of forcible consent, Messitte wrote in his opinion that state and local jurisdictions have no power to resist refugee resettlement. Messitte’s opinion is a startling rebuke of the system of constitutional federalism created by the Founding Fathers.

“Lest there be any doubt, giving States and Local Governments the power to consent to the resettlement of refugees — which is to say veto power to determine whether refugees will be received in their midst — flies in the face of clear Congressional intent, as expressed in the legislative history of the statute,” he wrote.

Messitte is a classic example of a kritarch, a Greek term to describe a judge who abuses their power to lord over a society.

Author James Kirkpatrick has argued that judges need to be impeached or the rising kritarchy will mean the end to democracy and representative government:

Currently, judges make law, journalists police the Narrative and manufacture opinion, and politicians, even supposed “authoritarians” like Trump, go along with it. Kritarchy may represent the real end stage of “liberal democracy.”

To change this, we need to abandon the pretense that we are free and recognize that we are ruled by an elite hostile to our interests. We need to delegitimize the institutions that keep us in this situation. We need to strip away the aura of sanctity that surrounds these judges who are arbitrarily deciding our country’s most important policies. Judges are politicians, just like journalists are activists.

The Democrats want to impeach President Trump. But instead, it’s about time Republicans at the federal and state levels start impeaching some judges.

If they don’t, then we should frankly admit the Constitution has failed—because one branch of government has achieved supremacy above all others.

In that case, I hope journalists can spare us the moralizing about “liberal democracy.” It’s long gone—if indeed it ever existed.

President Trump’s efforts to bust up the refugee resettlement scam may ultimately be futile because of the efforts of the kritarchy.

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