Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Double Jeopardy if Acquitted of Homicide Charges

Illinois youth Kyle Rittenhouse could potentially face federal civil rights charges if acquitted in his ongoing Wisconsin murder trial, some have speculated. Mr. Rittenhouse stands falsely accused of two counts of homicide in the trial, which involves self-defense shootings during an ANTIFA riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020.

The prosecution in Rittenhouse’s trial has increasingly degenerated into a corrupt joke, meriting numerous rebukes from the judge for constitutional violations and repeatedly trying to introduce grand claims already forbidden as admissible evidence. Rittenhouse’s defense requested a mistrial with prejudice in the case on Wednesday, calling for the dismissal of charges without the potential of a new trial.

Some have speculated that Biden’s Department of Justice could seek to try Rittenhouse for supposed violations of civil rights of ANTIFA rioters, arguing that looters and arsonists active in Kenosha that evening had a federal constitutional right to set fires, hurt people, attack businesses, and terrorize the law-abiding members of the Kenosha community.

Biden’s Department of Justice has already demonstrated a propensity for inserting itself into alleged crimes and trials in which the president’s Democratic Party has a vested interest in a specific outcome, such as the murder trial of Derek Chauvin following the death of George Floyds and false allegations of “terrorism” against parents who oppose critical race theory on the part of the National School Boards Association.

The federal government did already rule out the possibility of ‘secondary’ criminal scrutiny of Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha police officer who shot armed sex crimes fugitive Jacob Blake in an event that set off riots and chaos in the area. Civil rights charges against Rittenhouse could potentially deliver a desperately-sought emotional ‘hit’ with Black Lives Matter activists and the Democrat base, many of whom remain uninformed on the facts of the case due to slanted corporate media coverage.

A federal civil rights trial would have a far lesser burden of evidence and judicial integrity than the ongoing state trial. A civil-liberties oriented judge assigned to the case has swatted down several of the prosecution’s most outrageous motions, a factor the federal case could bypass if the DOJ manages to get Rittenhouse in fronr of the right “progressive” judge.

The prosecution rested the case against Rittenhouse on Tuesday. It’s unclear when a verdict is expected.

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