L.A. County Transfers up to $14 Million from Cops to Illegal Migrants

According to a report by Neil Munro of Breitbart News, Los Angeles County recently slashed its police budget by $14 million. The city has joined the defund the police mania that’s sweeping across the nation since the George Floyd riots kicked off in late May.

But the LA case gets even worse. This money will now be sent to illegal aliens who were jailed and  were waitingto be deported by federal agents.

The vote took place on October 12 and was meant to resolve a lawsuit filed by multiple pro-mass migration groups. The $14 million is expected to be sent to people detained by law enforcement who were assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with deportations from 2010 to 2014.  Nearly all of these detainees were illegal aliens.

The payouts vary from case to case. They go from $250 to $425,000 and the average payment was about $700.

“This is a very significant settlement, and it is hopefully a wake-up call to law enforcement agencies around the country who continue to hold people for ICE,” Jennie Pasquarella, an ACLU lawyer, said to the Washington Post.

These budget cuts to law enforcement come at a time when crime is rising in Los Angeles, just like many other leftist cities that have now determined that common sense policing is passe. With less resources at their disposal, LA police will likely not have the means to adequately confront the city’s rising crime.

NBCLosAngeles.com recently reported on the city’s rising incidents of crime:

The Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday an alarming increase in street violence had continued in recent days, with at least 50 people shot and more than a dozen murdered.

‘We haven’t seen that type of week in over 10 years,’ said LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Arcos.

California has become a laboratory for radical leftist policies. Its lack of respect for fundamental freedoms such as the right to bear arms and refusal to uphold the rule of law has made it a total cesspool.

It’s no surprise why countess Californians are fleeing the state and relocating to more freedom-friendly and stable states.

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