LA District School Board Delays Vaccine Mandate Until 2023

The Los Angeles School Board has voted to delay requiring its students in the district to get the COVID-19 vaccine until July 2023.

This is the first major school district in the United States to enact such a policy. Even though leaders like Joe Biden are now saying “this pandemic isn’t over.”

Initially, all students 12 years or older had to be vaccinated by January 10th of 2022 to attend in-person schooling in LA.

This new decision from the board comes as debates continue over whether or not to mandate vaccines for children entirely. As some parents and guardians have expressed concern about the safety of the vaccine, while others believe that it is necessary to protect their children from the virus.

However, what the so-called “science followers” tend to ignore is that COVID hardly poses a threat to children – if at all.

The Covid mortality rate for elementary-age children is practically 0%. While the vaccine on the other side has 1291 confirmed side effects according to Pfizer’s own documentation.

The board’s vote means that students in the Los Angeles Unified School District will not be required to receive the vaccine until they reach the age of 12. But it is still unclear if this policy will be enforced by the district or if it will be left up to individual schools.

Either way, the board’s decision is a victory for freedom-loving conservatives who oppose mandatory vaccines. And it also sets a precedent for other school districts across the country that are considering similar policies.

“Today’s vote shows that we are a science-based school district, and the health and safety protocols we adopt are influenced by the expert advice of our medical partners and public health officials,” claimed superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho in a press release.

“Due to the high vaccination rates among students 12 and older, low transmission rates in our schools and our nation-leading safety measures, we have preserved in-person learning in the safest possible environment.” he continued.

As of now, the mandate for students 12 and older has been pushed back to the fall of 2022.

According to the LA Weekly, 87% of all 600 thousand students in the city have taken the shot, meaning that over 30 thousand will have to attend lessons online.

The board’s vote does not include mandates for teachers and staff members. But it’s a sign that the American people have had enough with mandates for children and that they are fighting back. Even in Democrat-run LA – which is especially telling.

Everyday battles such as these are what really make the difference, as this latest vote by the LA board sets a precedent and example for other boards to lean on and follow.

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