Laura Ingraham Cowers To The Hogg Mob, They Still Aren’t Happy

Last night, David Hogg took to Twitter to call for a boycott of Laura Ingraham’s advertisers. All because she dared to tell the truth about Hogg’s constant rejections to colleges, including commuter schools like the University of Central Florida.

Hogg is the face of the anti-gun “movement” and has chosen to put himself in the spotlight. That means that whatever he puts out on Twitter could be a news story. Laura Ingraham didn’t do some investigative report to determine that Hogg had been rejected by many colleges. She didn’t go undercover and ask admissions offices if Hogg had applied. She simply reported on what Hogg himself had blasted all over Twitter.

In response to her reporting, Hogg and his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers did what the left does best. They formed an angry mob dedicated to intimidating corporate advertisers to pull their sponsorships of her Fox News show.

And because most marketing departments for major companies are filled with left wing Democrats, Hogg and his mob quickly got results. Celebrity chef, Rachael Ray’s pet food line called Nutrish was the first to drop their advertising.

Obviously being hit on your bottom line is enough to scare anyone, so Laura Ingraham gave into the mob and issued an apology to David Hogg.

The only problem here is that David Hogg didn’t accept her apology, and it doesn’t look like he ever will. He retweeted his sister’s thoughts on Ingraham’s apology below.

What did Laura Ingraham accomplish by apologizing? The frothing leftists were never going to accept it and now conservatives are angry because she gave in to their demands.

Not only did Ingraham cower in fear to mob angry at her for reporting the facts that David Hogg shared himself, now she’s pissed off the people who actually watch her show.

This is why you should never apologize for telling the truth.

UPDATE: David Hogg has listed his demands that must be met before he accepts Ingraham’s apology.

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