Laura Loomer Suspended From Twitter For Election’s Final Week

Laura Loomer has been suspended from Twitter for the last week of the 2018 midterm election.

“No. None at all,” Loomer said when asked if she was given a reason for the banishment. “This is absurd.”

Loomer’s suspension appears to last until November 7.

This is called “Censorship Trolling.”

Here are some of Loomer’s greatest ambush interviews:

  1. Maxine Waters

After Maxine Waters called for Trump administration officials to be harassed in public, Maxine Waters decided that she did not want reporters coming near her private congressional elevator. She even sticks her tongue out! This was truly a classic.

2. Keith Ellison

Good thing Loomer’s classic tweets are still available, she just can’t write any new ones until the Midterm Elections.

3. Michael Avenatti

4. Interrupting Congress

5. James Comey

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