Laura Loomer Tears Into Bitcoin Community for Selling Out, Folding to Big Tech Commissars Like Jack Dorsey

On episode #16 of Big League Politics Live, banished journalist and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer appeared to talk about her recent foray at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Florida.

Loomer confronted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has glommed onto a movement that is supposed to be about decentralization and freedom. She was ushered out while Dorsey could speak even though he eviscerates digital freedom with his monopoly platform.

“It’s just a little odd and ironic that Jack Dorsey, who is the king of censorship as I like to call him, would be speaking about Bitcoin and debanking when he himself…has silenced tons of people and debanked tons of people,” she said.

“I was there highlighting and exposing hypocrisy, and that’s what I did,” Loomer added.

She explained that she showed up just as Dorsey began speaking at the event. This is when she waited for an opportune time to strike and put Dorsey on the spot for being such an immense fraud.

“I walked up to the stage, I stormed the stage, and I asked him how he could say this was a cryptocurrency for the world and Bitcoin is about decentralization,” Loomer said.

That video can be seen here:

Loomer is perplexed at the Bitcoin community’s apparent embrace of Dorsey despite the Twitter CEO being the embodiment of everything a cryptocurrency enthusiast is supposed to hate.

“The fact that Jack Dorsey would be positioned as an ally in the Bitcoin or the crypto community, it’s very bizarre, and it also undermines the argument that Bitcoin is about freedom because I’d say that Jack Dorsey is probably one of the most anti-freedom people on this planet,” she said.

Loomer noted that she is still a supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency despite the community embracing a villain like Dorsey because of the potential of the concept to liberate the planet from the political and economic elites.

“If you’re going to have an argument that Bitcoin is about freedom and you need Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to promote a culture of freedom and help people prosper and escape poverty and embrace financial liberties instead of depending on the Federal Reserve and the banking industry for everything, then you actually have to find representatives for your community who are not engaging in those same activities that you claim to be working against as a movement,” she said.

The full BLP Live episode featuring Loomer can be seen here:

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