Laura Loomer’s GOP Primary Challenger Rod Dorilás Has Deep Ties to Globalists, Never Trumpers

Haitian-American Rod Dorilás has announced that he will be challenging freedom-crusading journalist Laura Loomer in the Republican primary for Florida’s 21st Congressional District in next year’s midterm election.

“I’m Rod Dorilás, and I’m running for Congress in Southeast Florida to stand up for our country and stop the radical left in Washington from destroying everything that makes America great,” he announced in a video posted on Twitter earlier this week.

As opposed to Loomer’s pro-MAGA America First platform, Dorilás is spreading platitudes in favor of immigration.

“I guess I don’t exactly fit into the left’s definition of a ‘conservative.’ I’m the first-generation son of two Haitian immigrants,” Dorilás said. “My family built their own American dream without the ‘help’ of left-wing socialist politicians.”

On his law firm’s website, Dorilás boasts about his time working inside the Washington D.C. swamp. He worked in the U.S. Department of Commerce as Counsel to the Secretary of Commerce in the Office of the General Counsel. Before serving in that role, Dorilás worked as a law clerk enforcing federal civil rights law.

Currently, Dorilás is a Security and Strategy Fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Society, an establishment-backed group founded by thinktank leaders and academics to promote the status quo within the Republican Party. They provide “vital, constructive programming that is critical to the intellectual and professional development of a new generation of American leaders,” according to their website.

The organization was founded over a decade ago by Princeton University professor Aaron Friedberg, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Asian studies director Daniel Blumenthal and Saddle Point Group LLC CEO Roy Katzovicz. Each of these men have a great deal invested in the continuance of the globalist establishment.

Saddle Point Group LLC has gained massive profits from human misery during the COVID-19 scamdemic through their support of Stericle, a medical waste firm. Saddle Point put two of their affiliates on the board of Stericle last year as they raked in massive profits from COVID-19 hysteria and lockdown mandates.

Stericle founding investor Jack Schuler, a Bill Gates crony who became a billionaire profiting from COVID-19, is working to put illegal immigrants into U.S. colleges so they can take even more jobs from native-born Americans. He is putting $500 million of his own wealth to help illegals, using his immense riches “to rewrite our laws” in order to facilitate mass immigration. 

While working for AEI, Blumenthal’s work has been praised by many actors within the GOP who have betrayed President Trump, including Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and disgraced former national security advisers John Bolton and H.R. McMaster. It may not be a coincidence considering the AEI’s long record of promoting globalism and undermining President Trump’s economic agenda.

When Trump was in office, the AEI released propaganda praising the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), shilling for Big Tech by minimizing their censorship regime and undermining his America First immigration agenda. After last year’s dubious election, they immediately joined the political establishment’s coordinated takedown of Trump, denying the existence of documented electoral fraud and chastising his supporters.

Friedberg is an unrepentant globalist who is a staunch opponent of an America First foreign policy and amplifies “Never Trump” voices on Twitter:

After receiving the rubber-stamp from The Alexander Hamilton Society, Dorilás is being heavily promoted by establishment operatives on social media in an attempt to astroturf support from unwitting conservatives.

Adam Scheidler, one of the swampy operatives behind Dorilás, has a past of being a party hack doing the bidding of Sen. Mitch McConnell in Washington D.C.

Scheidler served McConnell and Senate RINOs before starting his own firm to collect loot in the Conservative Inc. griftosphere.

Dorilás’ motives have to be questioned considering former president Donald Trump was such a vocal supporter of Loomer’s first run for Congress:

Republican party voters in Florida’s 21st U.S. Congressional District will have the opportunity to choose a proven commodity in Loomer, or be sold on an establishment-bought empty suit in Dorilás, during next year’s primary election.

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