Lauren Southern Detained By Italian Coast Guard for Attempting to Block Illegal Migrant Boats

via Lauren Southern Periscope

Activist, author, and political commentator Lauren Southern was detained by the Italian coast guard after attempting to stop a boat from carrying illegal migrants into the country.

During a livestream broadcast on Periscope, Southern explained that the large ship they were trying to stop is called the Aquarius, a German NGO boat, which has been illegally bringing migrants from the Libyan Sea to Sicily. Southern explained that the ship was on their way to go pick up more migrants, and she was hoping to stop them.

Southern said that the group she was with,“Génération Identitaire” has been working with German, French, Italian, Austrian, Canadian, and American citizens.

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A declaration on an English language Génération Identitaire website states:

“We are 25 percent unemployment, social debt, multicultural collapse and an explosion of anti-white racism. We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.

You won’t buy us with a condescending look, a state-paid job of misery, and a pat on the shoulder.

We don’t need your youth-policies. Youth IS our policy.

Don’t think this is simply a manifesto. It is a declaration of war.

You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.

We are Génération Identitaire.”

From their much smaller boat, Southern and three other Gen ID activists set off flares and unfurled a large red banner that read, “NO WAY FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING.”

“If the politicians won’t stop the boats, we’ll stop the boats… and we’ll be back with more boats,” Southern told Big League Politics.

The group was briefly detained by the Italian Coast Guard for their act of civil disobedience, but have since been released. They will find out if there will be charges in 48 hours.

Southern, formerly a Rebel Media reporter, released a book last year titled “Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation.” She is most well known for her stances on immigration, feminism, and the freedom of speech.

UPDATE: Southern has posted a video calling for /pol/ to assist in locating the NGO ships that are transporting illegal migrants.

The infamous 4chan message board was the original site of the recent leak of Emmanuel Macron’s hacked emails. They previously managed to track down Shia Labeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” anti-Donald Trump protest flag in a random field in Tennessee using flight patterns — replacing it with a MAGA hat.

“You on the internet — and we on the sea — together we can stop this,” a member of the Génération Identitaire group says in Southern’s video.


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  1. “activist,” “author” and “political commentator”

    Hope she dies in jail.

  2. “She is most well known” for being too much of a racist bigot for Racist Bigot Media, and was fired.

  3. The proper thing to do is for citizens to sink her boats. Same tactic The Sea Shepherd Society used against whaling boats only, in Southern’s case, it’s a wailing boat.

  4. Lauren Southern hopes to ensure the future of the White Race, and yet she brags about how tightly her vagina is clamped shut.

  5. You Italians deserve these refugees after supporting overthrowing Ghaddafi.

  6. Let’s just say Lauren wasn’t supportive of their new (((direction))) and was released.

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  8. That said, Lauren complains about how many babies immigrants have, and is completely failing to step up her own game as her fertility rapidly declines.

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  10. Making shit up as they go along is what leftists do. That’s why they’re so fun to beat the snot out of.

  11. It’s good to see that there are groups out there trying to put a stop to this murderous, illegal people trafficking and expose the puppet masters funding these NGO’s.

  12. Sorry, not making it up. You can, of course, believe whatever you wish, including that I am a “leftist.”

  13. Italians opposed the overthrow though, and the EU also threatened to sanction them if they didn’t stop deporting illegal immigrants. Please educate yourself on what’s going on here before making stupid comments like that.

  14. Italy was a borderline third world country long before the migrant crisis, Giuseppe.

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  17. No they didnt. I am educated on the issue. It seems you arent. Thats why theresa may macron and merkel are their leaders. Most europeans are liberals and are against Ghaddafi and Assad because of their phony progressive feelings.

  18. One stupid poll doesnt mean anything. Polls also said hillary was beating trump. They voted for the people who attacked. Time to get your head of your ass with fake polls.

  19. Dont worry lauren is against all non white christian immigration to the west except for jews.

  20. I don’t think Lauren likes Jews 🙁 Even if you’re extremely white and well-endowed.

  21. Good attempt at the correct way to fix this problem. Governments should be doing this boat stoppage. Was the illegal carrying ship a passenger ship, enough life preservers, fine them

  22. She was let go for other reasons. She still has the same views on israel. Shes a conservative idiot.

  23. Point is: I don’t know how much more discredited you can get than being FIRED FROM (((REBEL MESHUGENA))))

  24. How is this civil disobedience? It’s more like doing the job their Coast Guard refuses to do.

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  26. She belongs to a group called “Génération Identitaire” ….and then she bitches about “identity politics”… of course, identity politics are great they are about white [supremacist] identity politics…what a witch!

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  34. We live in a world where the police arrest the people trying to uphold the law.

  35. “everyone I don’t like is antifa”

    wow that sounds really dumb now that I type it out.

  36. Lauren Southern attempts to interfere with a foreign country’s immigration process by *claiming that the people running a boat are “involved in human trafficking”*, lmao

    WHAT PROOF has she or GI of any of this crap???

  37. Sink the boats on sight, machine-gun everyone in the water, leave anyone who survives to the sharks.
    Video everything and post it on the web for Muslim invaders to watch.

  38. “White Christian societies need not be responsible for others to the point of self destruction. ”

    That’s the crux of the whole thing right there.

  39. DC Leaks exposed the NGO Open Societies Foundation’s coercion of EU politicians to push refugees on EU member nations. OSF is also one of the groups responsible for creating the Arab Spring, the Ukrainian coup and the Color Revolutions of the ’90’s. They are a funder of Antifa as well. Manufacturers of global crisis for the purpose of establishing global governance and wealth redistribution.

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  44. She’s trying to stop a boat of migrants in another country? It’s not “civil disobedience” it’s none of her business. Has the conservadweeb ever heard of maritime law? She’s lucky she’s not in a hostile nation, who knows what could happen to her stupid ass if she was.

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  47. Because the coast guard belongs to the state, and if someone discovers that they refused to “help” those illegal immigrants, thanks to stupid EU policies, those people would lose their job and could also face legal consequencies.

  48. 8th economical power in the world, 4th in Europe, 3rd in the Euro zone, part of the european Macroregion, 1st world country, one of the highest living conditions in the world and the second for life expectancy, just after Japan.
    That is just to say that this borderline 3rd world country is infact, the opposite.

  49. Lauren Southern has been getting a lot more hardcore lately. She used to just annoy leftists at rallies, now she’s doing this stuff. Cool.

  50. The stupid and violent anti migrant comments here are not helping the cause of those who would have illegal migrants be returned to their home countries.Your comments are used for propaganda purposes by the people upon whom you wish ill.

  51. Yeah, but Italians don’t try to stop Mexican immigrants in USA soil (even if Lauren Southern is canadian). On behalf of many italians, I beg you to get the fuck out of our country. We already have too many racists in Italy. And please, stop telling us how to save people.

  52. Look, I have said this would start happening. (I’m not HAPPY about it.. its a bad thing) but you are going to see ‘militias’ of citizens around Europe who literally create their own ‘Coast Guards’ and go out to see to turn back these “refugee” ships. Its starting to happen and just watch!

  53. Funny. You seem to be bending over backwards and letting illegals screw you. Your government doesn’t seem to be operating interdictions against those NGO’s and charging them with a criminal conspiracy either.

  54. Autorazzista del cazzo! Impara la storia economica e sociale Italiana prima di insultare.

  55. STaTe you god damned moron. Why the hell would you want those people to come into your country?? Do you not love Italy? Take a short walk off a god damned pier. I love how you call someone racist just because they love Europe and want to protect it. Fuck you asshole.

  56. Sink em when you catch em. If they are empty or full it does not matter. Muslim lives mean nothing, they are the enemy who wants us dead.

  57. You don’t speak for Italians. The majority of we Italians want this human trafficking racket, and the deaths it provokes, to end. We want a functioning border and legal immigration system that protects our culture and also protects refugees and those who want to legally immigrate here. You are a self-hating Italian: you hate our society and community and prefer the invasion of millions of people who you know nothing about, not where they come from, nor who they are, nor what they intend to do here.

  58. It is White Christian American society that barely maintains secularity here…such that it is.

  59. The
    crew of this vessel and the staff of the NGO who operate it need to be
    considered as traitors and given the traditional penalty for same.

  60. As an African who LEGALLY migrated, has ALWAYS worked-THANK YOU. That guy is a f*cking tool. It doesn’t help Africa that you empty our country of fighting young aged men who can work nor does it help that this is human trafficking and further more, some of us left because we appreciate and love the West-why are you bringing that sh*t over here!!??!!

  61. Oh p*ss off. As an African who appreciates the West and came here legally,you sir are a tedious Lefty sociopath. You don’t care that you are creating a brain drain of Africa nor do you care that some of these people are criminals who do not want to assimilate or the fact that this is human trafficking. You are SICK.

  62. Maybe you should stop being a faggot and telling him how he should feel about his own country, Shawn? Just an idea.

  63. Some people just enjoy getting beaten to death and raped. They used to be called masochist now they’re called multiculturalists.

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  69. Untrue. Just really interested in hearing your definition of “white knight.”

    Perhaps it’s time to loosen the tinfoil.

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  71. How am I defending her? I hate every fiber of her being, and I would love for her to be gang raped by a boat full of the very migrants she detests.

    Also, I think you’re projecting your medical needs.

  72. The last time you said that we had to rid you morons of the Nazis. The only racists are the people that hate your own Italian culture.

  73. We drop bombs because we own the sky where ever we fight. And NOBODY WANTS TO KILL CHILDREN…..even most of the evil bastards we fight probably would agree with me.In WW2 we defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan by bombing civilian cities in both countries…..the numbers of civilian deaths were horrifying.Our enemies only gave up after we targeted their families in a relentless bombing campain. Some say millions of lives were saved when the war ended. Now when we are sent to war we go out of our way to not kill civilians but it does happen. Believe me our troops don’t want dead civilians….it makes us look bad and destroys families. If WW2 were fought today I believe that we would lose. People don’t have the stomach for civilian deaths anymore…no one does. But, I believe we need to stop going to war with half measures… should be all out fucking war or nothing. The next time you talk to one of your terrorist buddies tell him to stop setting up machine gun nests in civilian areas. Hiding behind women and children is bull shit.

  74. I meant that you first replied with an educated debate .but with the next comment you called me a “Fat Fash” even though you don’t really know my political aspiration .

    Antifa are like parrots ,all they say is Racist Nazi Fascist Homophobe Transphobe nationalist imperialist (the smart ones) as soon as a person comments .

  75. As always you start attacking like sharks in auto hate mode. Try to understand what I’m trying to say.
    People from all the countries are worried about our immigrants. I kindly asked to mind your fuckin businesses. We already have to sort our own and you too.

    I didn’t say anything at all about immigrants and what would I do to them after rescuing ’em.
    Immigration is a problem and I agree. But you guys are crazy when you start talking about sinking ships and kill those people. Do you even listen to yourselves or you talk like robots with some ready-made hate mindset? As human beings we can’t, I repeat, we can’t let them die in front of us.

    Once you’ve agreed with me that we have to at least rescue them, then we can talk about sending them back (if it’s correct and, in case, how to do it)
    And you’re morons too guys <3

    P.S. Sending them back is actually a problem, cause you don't know where to send 'em and who to talk to, like governments: in Libya there are like 4 governments, who do you talk to?

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  78. And next time I see I see a homeless veteran begging for change. I will laugh in his face. Especially if hes white scum.

  79. Stop lying, you’re not Italian or from Italy. And the only racists in Italy are the foreigners who treat their generous Italian hosts with contempt.

  80. I agree with that shes but she is still shilling for israel. She wasnt fired. She left rebel on good terms. She said it herself.

  81. God bless these courageous young people! Take back your own nations from the filthy, money-changers: like Soros! This is a Grassroots Revolution: and all who stand in the way of Liberty, Truth and Justice will be wiped from the pagers of history. Remember 1381 – and trust no one!

  82. So keeping third-world invaders out of one’s country is “racism?” You are a delusional reject without anchors to reality. Go hang yourself.

  83. America is not a Christian nation. See the writings of Jefferson, Madison, and the Treaty of Tripoli.

  84. Yeah so what? Ustase were heroes fighting for Croatian sovereignty. Only the camp guards and few individuals committed heinous acts, nbd tbh.

  85. And if it’s true anecdotally for just a few croats, then what kind of sick Serbian actions caused them to behave in such a way? Oh yeah, having political hegemony over croats and assassinating croats who speak on behalf of croat minority rights… go find another place to cry about ustasa, the alt right is learning already about Serbian gaslighting history with their own version.

  86. Yet again America comes to the aid of Europe.
    Why can’t the Europeans do it?
    Oh, I forgot,
    Europe is already under occupation!

  87. You confuse immigration and immigrants.
    I am anti-immigration.
    I am not anti-immigrants, so long as they don’t invade other countries who don’t want them to invade.

  88. It is very much her business.
    As it is the business of everyone to stand against invasion of any country.

  89. America is a country that follows broadly Christian principles.
    It does not follow principles of African, Chinese, Japanese societies, whatever principles they may have in common.
    It certainly does not follow regressive barbaric islamic principles, although it is far from certain how long or whether that situation will last.

  90. And if Italy continues with this insane policy of letting in migrants without restriction, there will be an awful lot more racists in Italy to join you.

  91. As human beings, we are under no obligation to save those who have stupidly, selfishly and irresponsibly taken it upon themselves to risk their lives.

  92. Actually, it follows Enlightenment principles, most of which were formed by throwing off the influence of Christianity in favor of rationalism. Which is why the period before, which was dominated by Christian thought controlled by the church, was called the Dark Ages.

    America is also in no danger of Islamisation, and anyone telling you it is is likely selling you a bill of goods to hide their real agenda.

  93. Gestapo report to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, dated 17 February 1942, stated:

    Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaše units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustaše committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Croats have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand.

    Again, after saying it’s a shame people weren’t murdered in Janosovac, backpedaling is a bad idea.

  94. Number is not concrete, thanks to communists destroying evidence and murdering hundreds of thousands more. When serbs can’t admit that much, there’s no discussion to be had.

  95. Nah, they’re too busy pretending that Srebrenica never happened. There’s plenty of historical stupidity to go around, seems you just took a big helping.

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  98. Time to take a page from Ragnar Danneskjöld and take some more forceful actions.
    Force the captain to sail to the coast of Saudi Arabia, disembark the passengers and sink the boat.

  99. That’s not quite how propaganda works.
    Frankly, anyone we offend wasn’t going to side with us anyway. If anything, restraining ourselves would just demoralize our side.

  100. Using your own words against you is precisely how propaganda works.If restraint equals being demoralized,perhaps you need to find a different fight.

  101. Propaganda needs to be disseminated. This is not a fully public forum, and we can’t be shamed publicly for our words, so unless they directly make us look bad, they work. From what i’ve seen most of our comments are such that though they look off-color, they are only damaging if displayed publicly.

    on the other hand, excessive restraint makes you look weak, so long as you are not unhinged. Ron Paul was more polite than Trump, and you can see how that turned out for him.

    tl;dr: you can’t use someone’s words against them in a private conversation.

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