Lauren Witzke Exposes How Twitter Deliberately Allows Pedophiles to Discuss Raping Children on Their Platform

During this week’s edition of Big League Politics Live, former Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke talked about how Big Tech is allowing pedophiles to discuss the finer points of raping kids on their monopoly platform.

Witzke was recently made aware of these policies and believes they explain why perverts are protected by Twitter while she is removed from the platform for exposing their child-grooming attempts.

Big League Politics has reported on how Dr. James Cantor led the push to give pedophiles a platform on Twitter to discuss their lust for toddlers:

Social media giant Twitter has quietly amended their terms of service to allow for “discussions related to… attraction towards minors” to be allowed on their platform.

“Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are permitted, provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way,” reads Twitter’s terms of service.

Twitter allow noted that they would allow for nude depictions of children on their platform in certain instances.

“Artistic depictions of nude minors in a non-sexualized context or setting may be permitted in a limited number of scenarios e.g., works by internationally renowned artists that feature minors,” they added.

Twitter’s pro-pedo policy may have been implemented at the behest of Dr. James Cantor, who describes himself as a proud homosexual. Cantor is a leading researcher and advocate for pedophiles, who he refers to as minor-attracted persons.

Witzke told BLP Live that she has received a great deal of support from beleaguered Christians over her stand against the LGBT agenda.

“There are some of us who do have the courage, the spine. A lot of people I realize feel the same way I do. After the backlash and the dust settled, I started getting messages from Catholic priests, pastors, telling me thank you… I will gladly take the hits to win this culture war,” she said.

“We need stronger leaders who are willing to step up and say this is wrong.  We were told that they just wanted to get married, it wouldn’t get any further than that. But here we are ten years later, and they’re chemically castrating children. They didn’t keep up their end of the bargain so it’s time to start taking our country back and start taking a stand,” Witzke continued.

“We as Christians cannot afford to allow the Left to use our Christian compassion, to use our Bible verses against us… That cannot be the situation anymore. We cannot be offended when CNN calls us bad names because they’re going to call us bad names anyway. We are losing everything. We are breaking down our families, and we are creating a source for these pedophiles to have access to children,” she added.

Witzke’s full uncensored appearance on BLP Live can be seen here.

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